Student Life at Dartmouth College

Some students love living in small towns. They would like to enjoy serenity as opposed to the fast-paced life in an urban area. Life in rural areas is more relaxed, people are friendlier, and one can access the wonders of the countryside. Dartmouth University, one of the Ivy League colleges, is located in Hanover, New Hampshire – characterized as a charming, quintessential New England college town. The constantly changing landscape of this town allows students to anchor themselves in nature. Being a safe town, students engage in several activities, from hiking in Pine Park to swimming in the Connecticut River designated Swim Dock between the Ledyard Bridge and the Rowing Boathouse Dock. According to the students of Dartmouth, there is never a dull moment as the college offers abundant activities. 

If you are a student who is interested in spending four years of your academic journey in a small rural town, you must research the activities offered by Dartmouth. Colleges are conscious of the academic pressure students face, hence, they offer various activities and events to take care of students’ well-being. The college’s motto is for students to expand their limits. Your college life must be geared towards making the most of the opportunities available to you and forging relationships with students who come from all over the world.

Athletics and Recreation

Being a prestigious Ivy League, athletes from Dartmouth compete against many US schools. The college also boasts of its alumni, including an immense number of Olympic athletes and numerous professional players across a range of sports. Whatever your level of interest in sports may be, with free admission for all students to regular-season games, there’s never a lack of cheering fans to pack the stands. Nearly 75% of the student body is involved in sports. Athletics & Recreation | Dartmouth Admissions.

Dartmouth’s 33 club sports teams play either competitively or for recreational purposes. These sports require less time commitment than varsity sports, and practices occur throughout the week with games played on weekends. The club sports are student-run organizations. Intramural sports are a “casual and beginner-friendly tier of Dartmouth’s athletic hierarchy.” It’s a fun way to get involved in sporting activities.

Physical Education led by undergraduate students and faculty, provides opportunities for students to get involved in activities they are passionate about. Students are required to get 3 credits in Physical Education or Wellness as a part of their graduation requirement. The Fitness and Lifestyle Improvement Program (FLIP) is designed to increase overall general fitness and health awareness. FLIP Classes | Physical Education & Recreation (

Student Groups and Activities:

Dartmouth Outing Club

The Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC), established in 1909 to promote winter sports, has significantly evolved over more than a century to support year-round outdoor activities. Today, it stands as the largest and oldest collegiate outing club in the nation, with over 1,500 student members—about a quarter of Dartmouth College’s student population—and a similar number of non-student members.

The DOC organizes outdoor trips, offers leadership and safety training, and maintains over fifty miles of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. It also serves as an initial introduction to Dartmouth for many new students and actively engages in environmental stewardship through initiatives like the Organic Farm Club and collaborations with Sustainable Dartmouth.

Collis Center and Student Involvement

The Collis Center and Student Involvement aims to foster discovery, learning, and civic engagement by creating a seamless learning environment. It acts as a catalyst for student engagement outside the classroom, With the right resources and dynamic spaces, the Collis Center and Student Involvement are integral to daily life at Dartmouth.

Their mission emphasizes the importance of co-curricular learning in developing student leadership and life skills. They act as a catalyst for student engagement outside the classroom by providing training, advising, and mentoring to students and organization advisors. Since leadership skills for students are vital for future success, the center organizes training workshops to achieve this end goal.

  • Providing training
  • Advising
  • Mentoring to students and organization advisors
  • Offering/creating developmental student employment opportunities
  • Fostering interactions among all members of the College community
  • Maintaining programming spaces and resources for student-focused initiatives that enrich our campus culture

Residential Life at Dartmouth

More than 3,000 undergraduates live in campus residence halls. Life at Dartmouth promises to be engaging and the residence halls keep you rooted to the campus life. from exploring spirituality to practicing your faith, The Tucker Center for Spiritual and Ethical Life provides resources for engaging discourses. You can investigate your personal worldview identity and also explore the religious, secular, and spiritual sources of your neighbors’ worldviews. Home | The William Jewett Tucker Center (

Student life is not restricted to the campus. The attractions in the scenic city provide enough opportunities for students to explore. From the local farms and markets to museums and wildlife, life in the Upper Valley offers a plethora of options. For the gastronomic community, the variety of cuisine ranges from American, Asian, French, Italian, Fusion, Mexican, and more. For lovers of music and dance the Lebanon Opera House showcases some of the best performances in ballet, opera, jazz, and live bands. Life in the Upper Valley | Dartmouth

If you are embarking on your academic journey at any of the Ivy League colleges, it is important to know the opportunities available to you as a student. This will help you experience a transformative journey. The uniqueness of students’ experiences at each college sets them apart from their counterparts.

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