Navigating Dartmouth College Admissions and Acceptance Rates

Dartmouth College, nestled in the picturesque Hanover, New Hampshire, admitted 1,005 students to the Class of 2028 through regular decision admissions. They join the 606 students accepted through early decision and the 74 admitted through QuestBridge. With an impressive record-breaking number of applications, Dartmouth experienced a surge in interest from prospective students, solidifying its position as a top choice for higher education.

Dartmouth received 31,657 applications an increase from 28,841 applications for the Class of 2027. This is the largest pool of applicants in the college’s illustrious 253-year history. It represents a noteworthy 2% increase compared to the previous year. Dartmouth is becoming increasingly popular among ambitious students who are looking for a rigorous and rewarding academic experience.

One remarkable aspect of Dartmouth’s admissions landscape is its consistent acceptance rate of 6% for the third consecutive year. This competitive acceptance rate reflects the institution’s commitment to selecting students who possess exceptional academic achievements and demonstrate a genuine passion for intellectual growth and a desire to contribute meaningfully to their communities.

The admissions process at Dartmouth comprises both regular decision and early decision rounds. In the early decision round conducted in December, Dartmouth admitted 578 students from a record-breaking pool of 3,009 applicants. The acceptance rate of 19% was an all-time low for the College’s early decision cohort. Additionally, 47 students were matched with Dartmouth in November through the QuestBridge program, further enriching the incoming class with their unique perspectives and backgrounds.

Dartmouth College received a record number of Early Decision applications this year, up 14% from last year. The number of ED applicants has increased by 45% over the past three years. However, the College offered admission to only 19% of applicants, down from 21% in the last two years.

Dartmouth fosters a diverse and inclusive campus environment. The new members of the Class of 2027 come from diverse backgrounds. They hail from 47 states, as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and 44 countries. This is a significant increase from last year’s early cohort, which included students from only 36 countries. The college’s commitment to global engagement is evident as it welcomes students from various corners of the world, fostering a vibrant and multicultural community.

Dartmouth College is committed to academic excellence. This is evident in the achievements of the admitted students of the Class of 2027. Among those whose schools provide class rankings, an astounding 444 students are currently ranked first or second in their respective classes. This shows their outstanding academic performance and dedication to their studies.

The Class of 2027 also demonstrates exceptional aptitude in standardized tests. The average SAT score is 1500, and the average ACT Composite score is 34. These scores highlight their strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Another noteworthy aspect of the incoming class is the representation of students from diverse educational backgrounds. Approximately 56% of those admitted attend public or charter high schools. This shows Dartmouth’s commitment to fostering a community that values individuals from various educational environments.

To put the achievements of the Class of 2027 into perspective, let’s explore the admissions data for the previous two classes. Dartmouth College received 25,703 applications for the Class of 2026. Of these, 1,207 were accepted through regular decision with an acceptance rate of 4.7%. An additional 560 were accepted through early decision with an acceptance rate of 21.27%. The Class of 2025 had a similar overall acceptance rate of 6.2%. Dartmouth admitted 1,158 regular decision applicants out of 25,693 applications, and 591 students were accepted through early decision out of 2,664 applicants with an acceptance rate of 21.2%.

As Dartmouth College embarks on this new chapter with the Class of 2027, it reaffirms its dedication to providing an unparalleled educational experience to its students. Through its commitment to academic excellence, diverse representation, and global engagement, Dartmouth continues to shape the leaders of tomorrow who will make a positive impact on society. The incoming class brings with them a wealth of talent, ambition, and intellectual curiosity, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic Dartmouth community for years to come.

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