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Ivy Central works with students in grade 7 through 12, guiding them through the complexities of the college application process – this is a very intense and personalized process during which Caroline and our team meets with Ivy Central Students and their families regularly. Our Premier 1-1 services focus on putting together the most comprehensive preparation program for our students to ensure the best probability of outstanding placements at college decision time.  

These services can be taken on throughout high school grades 9 through 12. We also except exceptional Grade 7 and 8 students who can start with our early start program.

Ivy Central Premier Services

Our comprehensive Premier service is a unique Ivy Central approach to helping students develop a strategic plan that enables them to identify and work on areas necessary for them to stand out from their peer group when the time comes to apply to university. Our team of counselors, advisers, and coaches work with each student individually to help them decide on the academic and/or vocational direction that best ties in with their passions and skills. We educate students and families regarding the college systems around the world, develop and plan projects around each students passions, identify and support summer program applications, plan college visits, prepare them for interviews, teach them college ready skills, plan and guide standardized test preparation to fit around their high school curriculum, and support them in the planning and execution of distinctive extracurricular activities. Our teams facilitate the building of strong, positive relationships with teachers in school as this leads to outstanding recommendations for summer programs and when the time comes to apply to college. Our academic advisers help students hone their technical and college-level writing skills to prepare them to succeed in competitive college environments. During application terms, our team provides extensive feedback on essays and guides each student to enable them to submit exceptional applications that will help them stand out. Ivy Central also works with students to develop strategies and focused work to win deferments or wait-lists. Finally, we help our students evaluate their offers of admissions and plan towards enrolling in their top choice University. Our pricing starts at USD 6,000 per year for our 4 year program.

Current Availability for Ivy Central 'Premier' Services:

Grade 11: Limited Spaces Available
Grade 10: Limited Spaces Available
Grade 9: Spaces Available
Grade 7-8: Spaces Available

Are you College Ready?

Our ‘Ivy Central College Ready’ program is a new time critical offering that provides for a focused study and development plan for any Grade 12 student who is looking for expert guidance from Ivy Central Counselors towards their US and UK college applications. The service provides for a full assessment of the students profile and 10 hours of highly focused online meetings delivered by our team to assist the student in preparing and finalizing their college applications. This service insures that students who have started late in the application process can get additional help to build and finalize their applications. Our pricing starts at USD 2,999 for the Ivy Central College Ready program.

Other Services Offered

Ivy Central '1-on-1' Online Consultation

Get personalized feedback on your profile, ask questions about your applications, and get professional advice to help you improve your profile and applications. Talk to Caroline Linger Today. From USD 399 per Hour. These 1-on-1 sessions are conducted on either Skype or Zoom. This service is available for students interested in Undergraduate or Post-Graduate applications to US and UK universities. This consultation service is available throughout the year.

Ivy Central 'App Eval' 

Get your 'Common App' application evaluated by Caroline Linger. Get comprehensive and customized written feedback by email on how to improve your application and improve your chances for acceptance. From USD 999 for a  'Common App / Coalition App' Application Evaluation. You will receive written comprehensive written feedback on all elements of the application including an assessment of your college choices, Application Essays and Activities. The feedback should allow you to make appropriate adjustments to improve your application and improve your admission chances. Contact us this application season.

Ivy Central 'Ace Your Interview' Prep

Get your College Interview Skills sorted out before the invitations arrive. Ivy Central Provides the most comprehensive interview prep session to help you Ace your College Interview. From USD 199 per session (1 Hour); you will receive 1-on-1 online advice via either Skype or Zoom and you will receive professional advice directly from one of our counselors on how to prepare for your University interviews. Follow Up sessions for Mock Practice interviews can be arranged to improve your answers and to test your abilities. This service includes the 'Ivy Central Interview Preparation Pack' which is packed with advice on do's and don't of university interviews.

Ivy Central SAT/ACT Prep

Our 1-1 SAT/ACT program is focused on getting any student to a higher level of achievement. With over 90% of all Ivy Central Students achieving scores of 1500+ and ACT range of 33-36 our SAT program is outstanding and helps everyone achieve their best potential. From USD 1999, start working with our team to get your SAT score to a new height.

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