The Counseling Duo

Our Team is Your Team!

Caroline Linger

Founder and Head Counselor

Jose Kumar

Director and Lead Counselor

Caroline and Jose have helped students worldwide get prepared for and accepted into the Top Tier universities in the US, UK & Canada.

Understanding the programs on offer and each school’s unique personality helps us guide the students to their ideal program, which leads to winning merit scholarships, successful matriculation, and graduation.

Caroline & Jose have helped students gain admission into the 8 US Ivy Leagues (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Cornell), the 24 UK Russell group universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, etc.), and Stanford, M.I.T., Caltech and every single top 50 US super-selective college.

With a 100% success rate, we are ready to help you win your top-choice colleges and universities.