Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Dartmouth College

Embracing diversity and differences, Dartmouth promotes the culture of one community where students, community, and staff learn and grow. Adopting an institutional approach, Dartmouth unveiled a three-year strategic plan “Toward Equity” to provide a more ‘equitable,’ ‘inclusive,’ and ‘welcoming’ community at Dartmouth. Marked by key initiatives and actionable plans, the university has put systems in place to cater to the changing needs of the community. The university’s deep commitment to inclusivity is evident from the January 2023 event that took place to review the plan. This proved the department’s agility, and by soliciting questions from the community, it also made itself accountable. The plan that started in 2022 will end in 2025. 

Understanding Dartmouth’s DEI policy is important for students because it affects their overall experience and provides a framework for a supportive and inclusive educational environment. Awareness of these policies can help students utilize available resources, participate in DEI initiatives, and contribute to creating a campus culture that values diversity and equity. The opportunities offered throughout the year allow members to learn, reflect, and build community.

The institution has identified four priority areas, i.e., (1) Coordination; (2) Structure; (3) Accountability; and (4) Assessment. 


Dartmouth College’s diverse array of schools, departments, and centers each have their own unique cultures and have collectively adopted a tailored approach to addressing equity and inclusion. Dartmouth’s active alumni had expressed their interest in connecting with current students so they could utilize their college years most productively. The Division of Alumni Relations worked with the Division of Student Affairs to create a mentoring initiative for underrepresented or marginalized students. The plan was developed in 2023 and will be implemented in the fall of 2024. Dartmouth is in the process of creating professional development programs for faculty and staff to bolster their sense of belonging and ability to access leadership opportunities on campus. This goal will be achieved by fall 2025. The E.E. Just Program also provides intellectual engagement and mentorship to students from underrepresented backgrounds who are interested in STEM. Coordination – Toward Equity: Aligning Action and Accountability (dartmouth.edu)


To be able to support an inclusive and equitable experience, Dartmouth is committed to building systems and structures to achieve this end. A Community of Care model was established in 2023 to coordinate and respond to incidents directly impacting the campus community. It sought to implement an institutional bias reporting system and created proactive initiatives (e.g., peer-to-peer safe walk programs). Structure – Toward Equity: Aligning Action and Accountability (dartmouth.edu)


Senior leaders have prioritized discussions on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging through various forums such as workshops, town halls, and small group discussions. Providing the community members with opportunities to learn about the college’s trajectory, asking questions to clarify expectations, and engaging in open conversations about the current climate are some of the important areas. Dartmouth Senior Leadership Group (DSLG) facilitated opportunities within their respective units, with the Institutional Diversity and Equity (IDE) office advising on appropriate formats for different communities. These feedback and dialogue sessions began in spring 2023 and would continue throughout the strategic plan. Accountability – Toward Equity: Aligning Action and Accountability (dartmouth.edu)


This priority area focuses on integrating evaluation and assessment into Dartmouth’s processes and procedures. These measures aim to establish an evidence-based approach to decision-making and include regular reviews of existing processes that affect the experiences of staff, faculty, and students. These steps are foundational in ensuring that decisions are data-driven and that continuous improvement is maintained across the institution. An evidence-based approach to decision-making allows Dartmouth to base its strategies and actions on reliable data and proven outcomes rather than assumptions or anecdotal evidence. Regular reviews and assessments help identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement. This ongoing evaluation process ensures that policies and initiatives are continuously refined and enhanced, promoting a culture of excellence and accountability.Assessment – Toward Equity: Aligning Action and Accountability (dartmouth.edu)

Parallel Programs

It is important to note that there are several college initiatives underway that will impact the climate and culture at Dartmouth. Four initiatives that are especially salient to the work outlined in this plan are Mental Health, Disability Inclusion, the International Student Working Group, and the Council on Work-Life Issues. These initiatives collectively strive to improve the overall climate and culture at Dartmouth by fostering an environment that supports mental health, inclusivity, and work-life balance, while addressing the specific needs of diverse student groups. Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement (dartmouth.edu)

International students can research Dartmouth’s DEI initiatives and mention specific programs, events, or resources that align with their interests and goals. They can also inquire about DEI-related opportunities during campus visits or virtual information sessions. Interestingly, leveraging Dartmouth’s DEI policies in their applications or interviews allows international students to demonstrate their commitment to fostering an inclusive community and their readiness to contribute positively to the Dartmouth experience.

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