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“Who’s the text from?”

Over the past decade, I have experienced the concept of ‘multitasking’ become fashionably cool. I remember reveling in my multitasking skills as a teenager whenever I listened to EDM in the background while solving math problems.

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How To Set Your Academic Goals

As a student, I am sure you are constantly juggling tons of workload. Academics combined with extracurriculars can be hectic. A lot of students, especially those taking on more challenging curriculums such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB), find themselves pressed for time.

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Should I Major in Economics?

Each year many Ivy Central students choose to study economics when they apply to college, and they are not alone, economics is one of the most popular subjects in colleges and universities around the world. Students tell me that what they like about the subject is that it breaks out of the STEM or humanities debate, by having one foot firmly set on each side of the divide. Other reasons people like it is that they feel it teaches them to better understand the real world, which in turn provides a good platform to enter the world of work in a broad number of careers.

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13 Reasons Why You Should Journal Every Day

As a counselor, I recommend students develop journaling skills that can be helpful to them in so many ways and situations. With the stressful situation that pandemic has put us all in, either through online learning or lockdowns that stretch to perpetuity, we are facing the need to share our thoughts but not finding the most effective tool to do that. Journaling is the answer to this dilemma.

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Seven Tips to Help You Prepare to Leave for College

Freedom is at hand! You have accepted the place offered by your favourite college, the pandemic seems to be easing so colleges are expecting to welcome students back into university accommodation, exciting times. But, there is also that voice in your head asking how are you going to cope without Mum and Dad to put you straight when things start going wrong?

It’s normal to have concerns and fears about heading off to college, if you are travelling across the world for college, it’s even more daunting. Take a deep breath and follow these tips to make your college journey get off to a great start.

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Housing at US Colleges and Universities

Upon accepting your college admission offer, the first thing you want to secure is your accommodation. For that, it is important to do some research into the different options available to you. Understand why you feel one would suit you better than the other based on your personal preferences.

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Double Major: Is it a Good Fit for You?

Starting college is full of decisions that you will need to make and at some point, one question you will be confronted with is: Should you double major?

Earning a double major is increasingly popular as it gives you an in-depth understanding of two different fields. It can also make you a more competitive candidate during the job search and, eventually, a more highly paid employee.

Of course, it also means more work and a much tighter schedule.

So, what do you need to know to enable you to make the decision about double majoring and it is right for you?

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What Will the 2021 Academic Year Bring for Students?

Twelve months ago, as the pandemic took hold around the world, students were graduating from high school into an uncertain situation. For many, the pandemic changed the world from what they had expected and for those preparing to start their university years, rather than leaving home and starting a new life abroad it has meant a year of online classes and spending hours in bedrooms at home. As a new cohort of students prepare to graduate, what will the new academic year bring?

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Five Steps to Help You Find Your Perfect College Match

If you have decided that going to college or university is what you want to do after high school, then this article is for you. Making the choice about which college or university to attend is a difficult one, there are so many options to choose from! This article will show you the five steps to help you narrow down your choices to a manageable number that you can apply to. It does not matter if you are applying to institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia or any other part of the world, these steps will help you.

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Eight Tips on Getting Accepted by an Ivy League College

For many students and families aspiring to a higher education experience in the United States of America, the Ivy League remains the pinnacle of educational achievement. Irrespective of whether they are right in that belief, the reality is that if pushed to name a US college many families of international students would name an Ivy League institution. Every year more and more students apply to one of the eight colleges that make up the Ivy League, drawn by their mix of high academic achievement, social prestige, wonderful facilities and extensive networking opportunities. If you are one of those who dream of walking the campuses of these colleges, here is what you need to know and eight tips on what it takes to win a coveted acceptance letter.

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Inter/Multidisciplinary Majors: Should you apply for one?

Interdisciplinary majors are those that inherently fuse two or more traditional areas of study (Biomedical engineering, Global Affairs, South Asian Studies) On the other hand, Multidisciplinary or Cross-disciplinary majors tend to externally combine different areas of study (Computer Science and Psychology; Mathematics and Philosophy; Physics and Geosciences).

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Class of 2025: The Bigger Picture

At the start of January this year I wrote a piece for this blog where I looked at what had happened in the early round of college applications for the class of 2025. Since the start of April colleges have been releasing statistical information for the whole application round, including the numbers of applications they have received and the all important admit rate. From this information, we are able to gain a better understanding of what has turned out to be a truly unique year.

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Waitlisted! So what do you next to win the place?

If you have applied to colleges and universities in the United States you should now know which have accepted you and which have not offered you a place. For some, there will be a third category where the college has put the student on a waitlist. If the college is your top choice college, then being on a waitlist can feel like being in purgatory, somewhere between heaven and hell. Read on to find out how you can judge your odds of being admitted off the waitlist and what you can do to improve your chances.

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Womens’ Colleges in the US: To apply or not to apply?

You may have occasionally heard the term “Seven Sisters” with regard to Womens’ Colleges in the US. The term refers to seven historically all-women’s colleges namely: Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, Mount Holyoke College, Radcliffe College, Smith College, Vassar College and Wellesley College.

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