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So You Want to be a Doctor?

With the help of all the medical programmes on television, you may have thought to yourself that becoming a medical doctor may be the career for you. Over the next two blog posts I will take you through the steps, needed to achieve this goal, but as a regulated career, the requirements to qualify as a doctor differs from country to country. In this first article, I will focus on providing an overview of the steps required to train and work in the US,

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Gearing Up for a New Academic Year

Entering a new year at school can be daunting, especially if it is high school. While ‘High School’ is a term synonymous with an overload of academics for most students, it is also a turning point for exploring your interests and career choices through extracurricular activities. That is why it is important for you to plan your approach to the new school year.

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Getting to Know the Common App

Anybody aspiring to attend college in the United States will come across the Common Application. In excess of one million students use it each year to make their application to colleges from Maine to California. Here is the Ivy Central quick guide to the Common App.

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5 Tips on How to Deal with College Application Stress | Ivy Central
College Applications

Make Application Season Less Stressful with These 5 Tips

It is not surprising that, with the need to juggle the demands of school, extra-curricular activities alongside applying to college, application season can be highly stressful.

There’s also the worrying: Students worry about missing deadlines or not scoring high enough in their standardised tests. They worry that their peers will receive dazzling scholarship offers and acceptance letters, while they’ll be stuck with a pile of rejections.

They worry that there simply isn’t enough time for everything they need to accomplish.

Fortunately, you can reduce college application stress by following the 5 tips explored in this article.

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Supplemental Essays | The College Community Essay 2021-22
College Counseling


The community essay prompt is one of my favorites. As mentioned in many of my blogs, US colleges and universities are looking at crafting a community and that’s exactly why colleges ask this question. They want to know how you see yourself as part of a community – any community. You do not necessarily have to be in a leadership role, but you could be.

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Should I Study Engineering at College?

Studying for an engineering degree is not for the faint hearted, they are some of the most competitive courses to be accepted onto and are notorious for having some of the highest dropout rates in higher education. But every year a good proportion of Ivy Central students apply to study engineering at college and then go on to successfully complete their degrees before moving into employment.

In this article, I will help readers gain an insight into what studying engineering is like and where it can lead you.

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In less than a month’s time, the big reveal of Supplemental Essays will take place. While there could be a variety of supplemental essays that colleges/universities ask their students to answer, one of the most common and prominent is the one about what would you like to study in college. We call it the ‘Why this Major?’ essay prompt. 

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How does the University of Chicago, as you know it now, satisfy your desire for a particular kind of learning, community, and future? Please address with some specificity your own wishes and how they relate to UChicago.

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Creating Your Own Reading List

Having been an English facilitator, I am often asked about book recommendations by students I work with and otherwise. On one hand, this question is straightforward. After all, there are so many books that most people enjoy reading.

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Should I Study Computer Science? Exploring Education & Careers

Should I Study Computer Science?

The field of computer science has seen a surge in applications from students wanting to study the subject for their higher education degree. In the UK, applications to study computer science have seen a year on year increase of 4%, a massive increase over such a short period, while in the United States the numbers of people graduating with a degree in the field has increased from 39,000 in 2010 to well over 88,000 in 2019.

This increase in interest is perhaps no surprise given the prevalence of tech in our everyday lives and the vast amounts of money that some technology companies have made since the start of the new millennium. So if you are thinking that computer science might be for you, or are just interested to know what all the fuss is about, read on.

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3-2 Engineering Programmes: The best of both worlds?

The process of choosing a college or university to attend is one of making choices between one option and another, not least, the decision to pursue one area of study or another. A hidden jewel in the US college application options is the 3-2 engineering programme offered by many institutions.

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“Who’s the text from?”

Over the past decade, I have experienced the concept of ‘multitasking’ become fashionably cool. I remember reveling in my multitasking skills as a teenager whenever I listened to EDM in the background while solving math problems.

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How to Set Academic Goals for High School Students? Ivy Central
Study Skills

How To Set Your Academic Goals

As a student, I am sure you are constantly juggling tons of workload. Academics combined with extracurriculars can be hectic. A lot of students, especially those taking on more challenging curriculums such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB), find themselves pressed for time.

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Should I Major in Economics?

Each year many Ivy Central students choose to study economics when they apply to college, and they are not alone, economics is one of the most popular subjects in colleges and universities around the world. Students tell me that what they like about the subject is that it breaks out of the STEM or humanities debate, by having one foot firmly set on each side of the divide. Other reasons people like it is that they feel it teaches them to better understand the real world, which in turn provides a good platform to enter the world of work in a broad number of careers.

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