Ivy Central FZ LLC is an educational consultancy based out of Dubai, UAE and works with high school students to help them gain entry to the world's top universities for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

We also work with undergraduate students worldwide to help them gain entry into some of the most competitive
Masters (MS, MA etc), MBA & MD programs worldwide.

Your Lead Counsellor

Caroline Linger graduated the University of Warwick with Honors in Clinical & Adolescent Psychology. For a year, she ran an outreach support group for teens with mental health Issues in the UK for the leading charity MIND. Following this she attended the prestigious British College of Guidance Studies, to qualify in educational and college counseling, in addition to psychological counseling, specializing in work with teens.

She worked as a Guidance Counselor at top UK Grammar Schools, Bishop Vesey’s & Sutton Girls, and also ran a program with the University of Cambridge to encourage young Asian & Black teenagers attending troubled high schools to consider university. She also worked as a college and psychological counselor at The College High School, which was at the time one of the most troubled in England.

Due to Caroline’s voracious appetite for knowledge and her drive to extend her expertise, she spent many years in the US, studying the US college system, and the various factors influencing admissions decisions. As she was also concerned about the dropout and transfer rate from top students studying at top universities, she undertook extensive research to help her fully understand why not all straight A students enjoy or stay at Harvard. This led her on a journey through over 100 admissions offices across the United States, and through several US Prep Schools. Ultimately Caroline became convinced that personality factors are as useful, if not more helpful, than grades and SAT scores when matching students against potential colleges and universities. This study formed the basis of her unique matching system. It also enabled her to forge excellent contacts within admissions offices across the United States.

Back in the UK, Caroline received recognition for her groundbreaking work enabling students from difficult backgrounds to both access and achieve in university. She has also received much acclaim for her work in placing British students in US universities.

Our outstanding class of 2017-18 were offered over $3.9 Million in Scholarships.

Caroline is a member of NACAC (US), ICG (UK) and BPS (UK).