Top Summer Programmes: Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS)

Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS)

“Ivy Scholars” was a small pre-collegiate summer program that was started by professors in 2001. In 2012, the program changed its name to Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS).  “Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS)” is an excellent educational program for exceptional high school students worldwide. Every summer, participants from more than 150 countries, including all 50 states of the US, take part in a two-week interdisciplinary session at Yale University’s historic campus. The program offers four academic tracks focusing on STEM, social science, interdisciplinary, and humanities subjects, respectively. This year the students were selected from an outstanding applicant pool of over 8,000 high school sophomores and juniors. As a part of the program, you get the opportunity to enhance your academic skills. This experience allows you to become fully engaged in a worldwide learning community at Yale.

You will be able to explore Yale and experience the benefits of a diverse and inclusive community. The program will help develop your collaborative skills with enriching discussions. You will not get any course credit or grades for this program and you will set your own limits. The students receive an electronic certificate at the end of the program.


Being the foundation of the academic program the curriculum of YYGS allows many interactive sessions.

Breakdown Discussions: During discussions, the students explore the lecture material further by exchanging knowledge and raising inquiries about practical applications with a few peers.
Capstone Project: The students analyze a collaborative project under the mentorship of YYGS staff.
Family Time: The students take part in fun social activities and make memorable bonds.
Lectures: You will get a chance to attain real-world knowledge from Yale faculty members and leading practitioners.
Seminars: You can pursue your passion by attending one of the seminars.
Symposium: This is a great way to experience hands-on activities for your niche area.

Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) offers four interdisciplinary sessions in June and July:

Innovations in Science & Technology

Innovations in Science and Technology is a STEM program for students who wish to broaden their knowledge in various scientific disciplines and apply their understanding to practical real-world situations. Students are introduced to diverse fields such as physics, chemistry, neuroscience, and astronomy, as well as interdisciplinary applications that span from the minute scale of nanotechnology to the immense scale of astrophysics.

Sample Lectures Offered:

“Mind Reading with Functional Brain Imaging: Neuroethics and Artificial Intelligence” by Marvin Chun
“Robots that Teach” by Brian Scassellati
”Dwarf Galaxies, Dark Matter, and the Milky Way” by Marla Geha

Sample Seminar Offerings:

Building a Better Human? Exploring Transhumanism
Introduction to Extragalactic Astrophysics
Disease Hunters: Predicting Endemics Before They Occur
CRISPR: Cas9 and the Microbiome
Diets of the Future: Sustaining Ourselves and a Dying Earth
The Future of Mental Health Diagnoses and Treatments

Literature, Philosophy, & Culture (LPC)

Literature, Philosophy, & Culture session (LPC) is for students interested in expressing and interpreting creativity and culturally significant texts. Participants study fiction, philosophy, poetry, theater, film, music, visual arts, dance, and other creative arts.

Sample Lecture Offerings:

“Dancing in the Multiverse” by Emily Coates
“Killing, Letting Die, and the Trolley Problem” by Shelly Kagan
“Liner Notes for Beyonce: Going to the Territory Five Years After Lemonade” by Daphne Brooks

Sample Seminar Offerings:

Remembering Catastrophe, and Catastrophic Memories: The Philosophies and Politics of Articulating the Second World War
To Tell in the Dark: Exploring the Macabre in Film Score, Literature, and Visual Art
Black Feminism and Popular Culture
The World of Shamanism, or How Body Shapes a Belief
Finding Mister Kurtz: Reading Heart of Darkness in the Twenty-First Century

Politics, Law, & Economics (PLE)

Politics, Law, & Economics (PLE) is for students who want to build their critical thinking and analytical skills with an interest in understanding diverse economic theories, the values and practices of government, and legal frameworks from historical and comparative perspectives. Students learn key ideas in topics such as public policy, human rights, market regulation, governance structures, international policy, and conflict and cooperation across borders.

Sample Lecture Offerings:

 ”International Trade and the Surprisingly Swift Decline of U.S. Manufacturing Employment” by Peter Schott
“The Meritocracy Trap” by Daniel Markovits
“Terrorism and Political Violence: Understanding and Applying the Concept in the Case of Northern Ireland” by Bonnie Weir

Sample Seminar Offerings:

What Does it Mean to be Free? Isaiah Berlin’s Two Concepts of Liberty Sanctions in the Modern World: From Blockades to Banking Freezes
Is my Refrigerator Spying on Me? Cybersecurity, Physical Harm and. Privacy Issues Caused by IoT Devices
Commodifying Art: The Economics and Contradictions of Musical Work
Can Genocides Be Forgiven? Post: Conflict Truth and Reconciliation Committees and the Political Problem of Forgiveness
The Technological “Gaydar”: Facial Recognition Software and Its Legal Implications
Artificial Intelligence and the Law: The Effects of AI on Criminal Justice System and Democracy

Solving Global Challenges (SGC)

Solving Global Challenges (SGC) focuses on solving the greatest challenges facing the global community in the 21st century. The students come up with innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches to develop solutions to issues with a global impact. These wide-ranging topics include global health, gender equality, poverty alleviation, art in protest, environmental sustainability, and green technologies.

Sample Lecture Offerings:

“Racism and Anti-Racism in American Life: A View from California” by Daniel Martinez HoSang
“Industrial Ecology & Industrial Symbiosis: Closing the Loops” by Marian Chertow
“The Climate Crisis in Perspective” by Doug Kysar

Sample Seminar Offerings:

Food as Political Will and Policy Pressure
Religion, Ecology, and Environmental Activism for a Dying Planet
Sustainability and Privilege: How Are They Related?
Climate Refugees: Migration Ethics for Environmental Apocalypse
Structures of Inequality in the 21st Century
Fast Fashion, Consumer Ethics, and Global Supply Chains


Current high school sophomore or junior students are eligible to apply for YYGS. The applicants can apply for Early Action or Regular Decision. The applications are read on a rolling basis. You are not eligible to apply if you had participated earlier in the program.

Components of the Application:

Activities list
One 400-word essay and one 200-word response
Two “fast take” responses (280 characters each)
Official school transcript
One Recommender (who will complete the YYGS Recommendation Form)
Application fee** ($60 for Early Action and $75 for Regular Decision)
OPTIONAL: English fluency test scores (TOEFL or DuoLingo)

Cost of Attendance

The full program tuition for one, 2-week session for YYGS Residential students is $6,500. The tuition covers housing, meals, and curriculum materials.

In conclusion, the Yale Young Global Scholars program provides intellectually curious high school students with a unique opportunity to challenge themselves and expand their knowledge in a supportive and stimulating environment. YYGS equips students with the tools and perspectives they need to become effective global citizens and positively impact their communities. YYGS offers an unforgettable summer experience that will inspire and motivate you to pursue your academic and personal goals.

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