Top Summer Program: The John Locke Institute Summer Program

The John Locke Institute (JLI) is an educational organization with the singular purpose of broadening the intellectual horizons of high school students. Through essay competitions, seminars, residential summer programs, and events, the institute challenges students to think critically, enabling them to become future problem solvers.

Who was John Locke?

John Locke (1632–1704) was an English philosopher who lived during the Enlightenment period and became popular for providing a framework for understanding human nature, political legitimacy, and the pursuit of knowledge. His ideas on the nature of government, limits of political authority, and rights of individuals remain extremely pertinent in today’s contemporary political milieu.

Upholding Locke’s legacy, the JLI provides courses in disciplines such as politics, philosophy, economics, psychology, history, and law, encouraging students to think beyond the boundaries of limited thinking.

What you will learn

Through a rigorous application process which includes an interview with the program’s academic dean, the JLI brings together a hundred students from all over the world to interact with world-class educators. The program boasts of being the only program with a concentration of top-of-the-field professors for students of this age to discuss complex topics.

The multiple locations to choose from, and the diverse programs to immerse in, set the John Lock Summer School apart from most. The age-appropriateness of the program is yet another standout feature. 

The summer in Oxford has three distinct programs. 

Junior Summer School (ages 12–15): The curriculum is designed to evoke curiosity about understanding information and articulate precise and compelling responses.

Senior Summer School, ages 15–17: This program has a core curriculum and two electives. In this interdisciplinary program, students can choose from philosophy, politics, economics, history, law, and psychology. Students learn epistemology, advanced game theory, public policy, micro- and macroeconomics, and law.

Summer University (ages 17–20): This welcomes students enrolled in a university program, performing artists or entrepreneurs, or JLI Alumni. This program challenges students to develop their listening, reasoning, speaking, and writing skills. 

At the JLI Washington DC, the program is for students between the ages of 16 – 20. The program centers around the interdisciplinary study of Geopolitics, International Law, Foreign Trade, and International Relations.

At Princeton New Jersey, students understand the principles of public policy by immersing themselves in politics, economics, Psychology & Law.

In December 2024, JLI will open its doors to a week-long program in Singapore. Students can preregister on the website.

For the start dates and the application deadlines, please refer to the institute’s website.

How to get in;

The admission process is selective. Interested students have to submit a written application on the institute’s website. The institute is no doubt looking for students with academic distinctions, however, they aim to get individuals with a curious and open mind that are not easily offended by opposing views. Through the application, a student has to demonstrate themselves as someone who would bring immense value to the program. Their biggest takeaway from it is an expanded world vision. Thereafter, the selected applicants are invited for an interview. The one-on-one interaction helps to understand students’ listening skills and intellectual adaptability, and construct arguments. 

The JLI program is not only for students belonging to the Humanities stream. With science and society intersecting at unprecedented levels, STEM students ought to gain an understanding of issues that are beyond the confines of traditional scientific realms.

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