Intensive law & Trial Summer Program for High School Students

Intensive law & Trial Program for High School Students | Ivy Central
Are you a high school student with dreams of pursuing a career in law? Do you want to immerse yourself in the world of legal practice, learn from experts, and discover your potential as a future attorney? If so, the Intensive Law & Trial program is your opportunity to embark on an incredible 10-day journey in the San Francisco Bay Area. Join us as we delve into the details of this transformative experience and explore how it can set you on the path to a successful legal career.

A Glimpse into Intensive Law & Trial

Welcome to a program designed to open doors to your future as a legal professional. If you’re a high school student in grades 9-12, this summer law program is tailored to your aspirations. Intensive Law & Trial is tailored for high school students who are motivated, ambitious, and eager to explore the world of law. Over the course of 10 days, you’ll dive deep into the theory and practice of law, guided by preeminent legal professionals, including esteemed professors from Stanford Law School. While many students are nominated or selected through academic partnerships, don’t let that deter you. If you’re passionate about pursuing a career in law, you can apply directly and seize the life-changing opportunities that Intensive Law & Trial offers.


The tuition ranges from $4,995 to $5,145. This fee includes room and board, site visits and transportation during the program, lectures, simulations, curriculum materials, and access to dedicated faculty and staff.

What to Expect

Immersion in Legal Practice: Throughout the program, you’ll be exposed to the inner workings of the legal profession. You’ll explore legal rhetoric, ethics, and the art of crafting impactful opening statements and closing arguments. You’ll also gain hands-on experience in case preparation and witness examination.

American Mock Trial Association Simulation: Get ready to step into the shoes of an attorney as you prepare for a court case. In a simulation endorsed by the American Mock Trial Association, you’ll sharpen your skills in creating persuasive oral arguments, examining and cross-examining witnesses, understanding evidence integrity, and managing a courtroom.

Professional Workshops: Powerful workshops will help you craft your personal mission statement, setting clear academic and career goals for your future. This program isn’t just about learning the law; it’s about shaping your path towards a fulfilling legal career.

College and Career Insights: Intensive Law & Trial can provide valuable insights into what you might want to study in college and which schools align best with your aspirations. Additionally, you’ll enhance your leadership abilities, which will serve you well in college, your future career, and life in general.

Highlights of the Program

Interactive Curriculum: Endorsed by the American Mock Trial Association, the curriculum is dynamic and engaging, offering real-world simulations and professional workshops that provide critical insights into the legal profession.

Hear from the Experts: Distinguished Stanford Law School professors and legal professionals from across the country will share their knowledge and experiences, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the legal world.

Mock Trial Simulation: Put your newfound knowledge into action by participating in a mock trial simulation, where you’ll argue a case from start to finish. This hands-on experience will cover everything from opening and closing arguments to rules of evidence, objections, legal ethics, and witness preparation.

Explore San Francisco: When you’re not immersed in legal practice, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the vibrant culture of San Francisco. Visit iconic attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, and Ghirardelli Square, creating lasting memories beyond the courtroom.

Intensive Law & Trial is your stepping stone to a future in law. With immersive experiences, expert guidance, and a supportive community of like-minded peers, this program equips you with the skills, knowledge, and inspiration needed to pursue a successful legal career. Don’t miss your chance to explore the world of law, discover your potential, and lay the foundation for a promising future as an attorney. Submit your application today and embark on your journey towards legal excellence!

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