Regular Decision Notification Dates for the Class of 2028

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Updated 21st of Feb 2024
Regular Decision Notification Dates for the Class of 2028

You have done the hard work, and whether it’s Amherst or Harvard, Caltech or UPenn that is your top choice school, remember that the right school will choose you for the right reasons. You will do well no matter which college or university you attend; focus on what you are there for and make your time count.

Your journey through higher education is not just about the name on the diploma but about the knowledge you gain and the person you become in the process. Embrace every opportunity to learn, both inside and outside the classroom. Engage with diverse ideas and perspectives, and seek experiences that challenge and grow your understanding of the world.

In this exciting chapter of your life, remember that education is not just academic. It’s about personal development, forming lasting relationships, and understanding your potential. Participate in clubs and organizations, volunteer in your community, and take advantage of internships and research opportunities. These experiences will enrich your academic life and provide invaluable skills for your future.

Most importantly, maintain a balance. While academics are crucial, so is your mental and physical well-being. Take time for self-care, build a strong support network of friends and mentors, and remember to enjoy the journey. College is a time of exploration and discovery, and it’s just as important to learn about yourself as it is to learn about your chosen field of study.

No matter where you end up, what matters most is what you make of the experience. Be proactive in your education, open to new experiences, and ready to face challenges with resilience and determination. Your attitude and actions during your college years will lay the foundation for your future success. So, go forth with confidence and enthusiasm, ready to embrace the myriad of opportunities that await you. Your future is bright, and the best is yet to come.

Good Luck to you all!

Here are Updated Regular Decision Notification Dates for the Class of 2028

School Date
Agnes Scott College April 15, 2024
Allegheny College March 15, 2024
American University Mid-March 2024
Amherst College March 20, 2024
Babson College Mid-March 2024
Barnard College March 31, 2024
Bates College April 1, 2024
Boston College April 1, 2024
Boston University Late March 2024
Bowdoin College Mid March 2024
Brandeis University April 1, 2024
Brown University March 31, 2024
Bryn Mawr College Late March 2024
Bucknell University April 1, 2024
California Institute of Technology Mid-March 2024
Carleton College April 1, 2024
Carnegie Mellon University April 1, 2024
Case Western University March 16, 2024
Claremont McKenna College April 1, 2024
Colby College April 1, 2024
Colgate University March 22 at 7:13 p.m. ET
College of William & Mary April 1, 2024
Colorado College Mid-March 2024
Columbia University Early April 2024
Cornell University Late March 2024
Dartmouth College Late March 2024
Davidson College April 1, 2024
Denison University April 1, 2024
Dickinson College Late March 2024
Duke University Late March 2024
Emory University April 1, 2024
Fordham University April 1, 2024
Franklin and Marshall College April 1, 2024
Georgia Tech Early March 2024
George Washington University Late March 2024
Georgetown University April 1, 2024
Grinnell College Late March 2024
Hamilton College Mid-March 2024
Hampton University Rolling Admissions
Harvard University Late March 2024
Harvey Mudd College Late March 2024
Haverford College Late March 2024
Howard University Early April 2024
Johns Hopkins University March 20th 2024
Kenyon College Late March 2024
Lafayette College Late March 2024
Lehigh University Late March 2024
Macalester College March 17, 2024
Middlebury College Late March 2024
MIT Mid-March 2024
Morehouse College Mid-March 2024
New York University Late March 2024
North Carolina State Late March 2024
Northeastern University April 1, 2024
Northwestern University Late March 2024
Pomona College April 1, 2024
Princeton University Late March 2024
Reed College April 1, 2024
Rice University April 1, 2024
Sarah Lawrence College Late March 2024
Scripps College April 1, 2024
Southern Methodist University Mid-March 2024
Spelman College April 1, 2024
Stanford University Early April 2024
Swarthmore College Late March 2024
Syracuse University Late March 2024
Tufts University April 1, 2024
Tulane University April 1, 2024
Tuskegee University Rolling Admissions
University of California-Berkeley March 28, 2024
University of California-Los Angeles April 1, 2024
University of Chicago Mid-March 2024
University of Colorado at Boulder April 1, 2024
University of Delaware Rolling Admissions
University of Kentucky Mid-March 2024
University of Maryland April 1, 2024
University of Massachusetts Amherst Early March 2024
University of Miami April 1, 2024
University of Michigan Early April 2024
University of Minnesota Late March 2024
University of North Carolina March 31st
University of Notre Dame Late March 2024
University of Pennsylvania April 1, 2024
University of Richmond April 1, 2024
University of Rochester Late March 2024
University of San Diego April 1, 2024
University of San Francisco Mid-March 2024
University of Southern California April 1, 2024
University of Texas March 1, 2024
University of Vermont Early March 2024
University of Virginia April 1, 2024
University of Wisconsin Late March 2024
Vanderbilt University April 1, 2024
Vassar College April 5, 2024
Villanova University April 1, 2024
Virginia Tech Early March 2024
Wake Forest April 1, 2024
Washington and Lee University April 1, 2024
Washington University in St. Louis April 1, 2024
Wellesley College Late March 2024
Wesleyan University Late March 2024
Wheaton College Late March 2024
Whitman College April 1, 2024
Willamette University March 1, 2024
Williams College April 1, 2024
Worcester Polytechnic Institute April 1, 2024
Yale University April 1, 2024

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