What You Need To Know About Middlebury College

Middlebury College is a prestigious liberal arts college located in Middlebury, Vermont, USA. Founded in 1800, it is one of the oldest and most well-respected liberal arts institutions in the country. The college is known for its rigorous academic programs, a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, and emphasis on global education. Middlebury College is a residential college, and all students are required to live on campus for their first three years. The college has 5 residential colleges, each with its dining hall, common rooms, and library.

Middlebury believes that learning is best done by doing. That’s why the college offers a wide range of experiential learning opportunities, both on and off campus. These opportunities allow students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world problems, and they help students develop the skills they need to succeed in their future careers.

Beyond academics, Middlebury offers a vibrant campus life with numerous student clubs, organizations, and activities. The college’s strong emphasis on athletics is evident through its competitive NCAA Division III sports teams.

In addition to the Main Campus, Middlebury also operates the Bread Loaf Mountain Campus, located in the nearby Green Mountains. This campus is renowned for its summer programs in literature, creative writing, and environmental studies.

Middlebury College fosters a close-knit community where students and faculty engage in meaningful discussions and foster intellectual growth. The college’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity is reflected in its various initiatives and resources dedicated to promoting a welcoming and equitable campus environment.


The historic campus of Middlebury College was founded in 1800. The campus is spread across 350 acres in the charming town of Middlebury, Vermont. The Main Quad is located in the heart of the campus. It is surrounded by historic academic buildings including Old Chapel and Twilight Hall. The iconic Old Chapel, with its stunning clock tower, symbolizes Middlebury’s rich history and academic tradition. The Davis Family Library is a hub of academic activity. It houses an extensive collection of books, journals, and digital resources, providing students with ample research materials and study spaces. Middlebury is committed to environmental sustainability. The Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest is the first building in Vermont to receive LEED Platinum certification. The Middlebury College campus is a blend of natural beauty, historical charm, and modern amenities. It provides an enriching and inspiring environment for academic and personal growth.

Student Cohort Size

Middlebury College’s population includes 2,800 undergraduate and 700 graduate students at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. The admitted students represent more than 43 states and 41 countries. 54% of the students are women and 46% are men. 10% of the population are international students.

Four-Year Completion Rate

The graduation rate is among the most important factors when selecting a college.  Middlebury College’s first-year retention rate is 89%. This means that 89% of first-year students continue their education for their sophomore year and beyond. The 4-year graduation rate is 87%. This implies that 87% of students were able to graduate after 4 years. The 6-year graduation rate is 94%. This implies that 94% of students were able to graduate after 6 years.

Student-to-Faculty Ratio

The student-to-faculty ratio at Middlebury College is 9:1 and most classes have an average class size of 16 students.


Acceptance Rate

Middlebury College received a record number of applications for the Class of 2027, with 13,297 applications. This is a 2% increase from last year’s total of 13,028 applications. The college’s undergraduate applications have increased by 36% over the past five years.

Of the 13,297 applications, 11,971 were regular decision applications and 1,326 were early decision applications. Early decision applications increased by 28% from last year, while regular decision applications saw a slight increase. A total of 516 students were accepted through the early decision programs.

Types of Admission

Middlebury College applicants can apply through the Early Decision or Regular Decision programs. Early Decision is a binding admission plan for students who have determined that Middlebury College is their first choice and who feel they can present a strong application without senior grades being reviewed. Students admitted through the Early Decision admission plan are required to cancel their applications elsewhere and enroll in Middlebury College. Regular Decision is a non-binding and unrestrictive admission plan that allows students more time to complete the application and to have grades from the first term of their senior year considered in the review.

Application Components

All required parts of the Common Application
Official high school transcript: An official high school transcript will display courses and grades for all years of high school attended.
Mid-year grades: Mid-year grades are the first semester or first trimester grades from your final year of high school.
Guidance Counselor letter of recommendation: The guidance counselor’s recommendation should detail academic and personal preparedness for post-secondary education.
Two academic teacher letters of recommendation: Recommendations must be from core academic teachers who worked with a student in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.
Standardized Test Scores: While test scores are optional for students applying for fall 2023 and fall 2024, the average SAT scores for admitted students were between 1490 and 1530, and the average ACT scores were between 34 and 35.


Middlebury College students are offered a wide range of majors and interdisciplinary programs. The college follows a “breadth with depth” curriculum, encouraging students to explore various disciplines before focusing on a specific area of study. The college offers more than 850 courses in 45 majors, as well as STEM and preprofessional programs.

Middlebury is particularly renowned for its language programs and is home to the Middlebury Language Schools, where students can immerse themselves in intensive language learning. Middlebury College offers a wide range of undergraduate majors, including English, history, biology, economics, and political science. The college also offers a number of interdisciplinary programs, such as environmental studies, peace and conflict studies, and visual and media arts.

Middlebury’s borders extend far beyond Vermont’s Addison County. The Middlebury Language Schools, Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad, Middlebury Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, Middlebury School of the Environment, and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey provide top-quality specialized education, including graduate education, in selected areas of critical importance to a rapidly changing world community. These areas include an unusually wide array of languages, literatures, and culture—including our programs in English and writing at Bread Loaf. The first of Middlebury’s internationally acclaimed language programs began in 1915, and the Bread Loaf programs were inaugurated in 1920.

Most Popular Majors

Political Science and Government
Computer Science
Environmental Science
Neuroscience and Neurobiology
International Relations
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Research and Experimental Psychology

Cost of Attendance

For the 2024–2025 academic year, the tuition and fees are as follows:

  • Tuition: $67,100 ($33,550 per semester)
  • On-Campus Housing and Meal Plan: $19,250 ($9,625 per semester)
  • Student Activity Fee: $500 ($250 per semester)

Student Life

Middlebury students are encouraged to get involved in a variety of student activities. There are more than 200 student organizations on campus, so there’s something for everyone. Student activities provide students with opportunities to meet new people, make friends, and learn new skills.


Senior Toasts

At the final lunch of the semester, each graduating senior is given a farewell toast by a younger student in the department. Past toasts have included singing, dancing, skits, and a poem comparing the graduate to various kinds of soup.

Overall, Middlebury College provides a well-rounded and transformative educational experience, preparing students to become critical thinkers, engaged global citizens, and leaders in their respective fields.

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