Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Columbia University

Diversity is undeniably a vital and transformative element in education. As a result, it enhances our personal growth as well as enriches our community and society at large. At Columbia, students and faculty from all walks of life will consistently find opportunities that enable them to flourish and achieve success. Columbia prides itself on being an institution that has transcended geographical boundaries and family obstacles to offer an equitable education to all students from varied socioeconomic backgrounds and racial identities. This makes Columbia’s student community the most diverse in the country. It is here that you will find peers from all over the world, whichever country you may be from. Resources are in plenty and support and guidance for all students.

Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs understands that addressing identity, social responsibility, allyship, and equity across multiple, interconnected levels is crucial for supporting students through various stages of their development. Each student brings a unique array of cultures, experiences, and viewpoints to campus. Multicultural Affairs acts as a resource to help them leverage the rich educational and developmental opportunities that arise from engaging with diverse identities within the community.

By fostering strong collaborations with students, within Undergraduate Student Life, and across the University, Multicultural Affairs employs a three-tiered strategy that promotes internal and external partnerships and shared accountability. Multicultural Affairs draws its inspiration from Audre Lorde’s work and in particular her words; “Without community, there is no liberation,” Multicultural Affairs | Columbia College and Columbia Engineering

LGBTQ @ Columbia offers LGBTQ student group guidance, events, education, advocacy, and a variety of services and resources to assist all students in exploring and comprehending the diverse queer and trans identities, experiences, and communities at Columbia and beyond. Additionally, as part of Multicultural Affairs, it strives to foster a campus atmosphere that is inclusive and supportive of student diversity concerning sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. Read the brochure to know more LGBTQ @ Columbia Brochure

International @ Columbia- As part of Multicultural Affairs, International @ Columbia creates a nurturing and supportive environment for international students through a range of academic and student life resources. It seeks to integrate global perspectives into the support services provided. It empowers students to share their unique international backgrounds, advocate for the value of a diverse international community in both academic and social contexts, and encourage discussions on global issues. 

If you are an international student, you can greatly benefit from the services offered by International @ Columbia, which guides you through a smooth transition into the Columbia community. Acting as the primary contact for any issues you may encounter during your undergraduate career, the department provides a range of programs and services both on and off campus to enhance their overall experience. By connecting students to essential resources needed to thrive at Columbia, International @ Columbia ensures you have the support required to succeed academically and socially. International @ Columbia | Columbia College and Columbia Engineering

Academic Success Programs

Academic Success Programs (ASP) adopt a comprehensive approach to student development, offering a wide range of programs and services. ASP provides continuous support throughout students ‘ college journey through various retention-focused opportunities, transitional initiatives, tutoring, skill-building workshops, educational and personal advising, and mentoring programs. ASP aims to cultivate collaborative relationships with University departments, external organizations, and alumni. Academic Success Programs | Columbia College and Columbia Engineering

ASP endeavors to:

  • Establish meaningful ways to work together;
  • Provide comprehensive tutoring for CC & SEAS students; and
  • Foster collaborative interdepartmental relationships.

Academic Success Programs include:

  • Opportunity Programs
  • Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)
  • National Opportunity Program (NOP)
  • CC/SEAS Tutoring Service 

Columbia Global Centers

Columbia’s Global Centers, located in 11 cities across four continents, work as local hubs for purpose-driven education, research, public engagement, and collaboration. They support hundreds of cross-disciplinary programs annually, spanning public health and arts and culture. These centers engage thousands of faculty, students, partners, alumni, and community members, fostering a dynamic environment for learning and innovation. Undergraduate and graduate students can have unique global experiences in education, internships, and research. How students can get involved | Columbia Global Centers

Student Engagement

Aligned with Columbia’s enduring tradition, students actively pursue tangible improvements within both the campus and its surrounding communities. This engagement reflects students’ persistent quest for better solutions, fostering a robust network of service and activist groups on campus. Through initiatives like Student Engagement, organizations such as Community Impact partner with local communities to address social inequities, while Alternative Spring Break empowers students to design their civic engagement endeavors to tackle global community challenges. Student Engagement | Columbia College and Columbia Engineering

Understanding Columbia’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies is crucial for students because it fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. By being aware of these policies, students can actively contribute to creating a more diverse and equitable community by upholding these principles in their interactions, initiatives, and advocacy efforts. Additionally, knowing about DEI policies helps students hold the institution accountable for promoting fairness and equality in all aspects of campus life, including academics, social activities, and institutional decision-making. This awareness ultimately empowers students to participate in creating a more just and inclusive society beyond the campus boundaries.

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