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Caroline & Jose have consistently been one of the best college counselors in Dubai for more than a decade. We provide individual one-on-one counseling with unlimited time for all our students, with one clear goal in mind: Helping each student secure admission to their top-choice colleges!

Guidance Tailored to You. At Ivy Central, we firmly believe in harnessing the immense power of personalized support.

Unlimited Access

You'll have year-round access to meet Caroline & Jose so that they can guide you throughout your journey.

Comprehensive Counseling

From high school to college and beyond, we provide guidance every step of the way.

Live Workshops

Join our exclusive live workshops held throughout the year.

Achieving Excellence in Essays

Our one-on-one essay guidance transforms your writing journey

  • Brainstorming: We help you discover compelling narratives and ideas.
  • Crafting: Expert guidance through the writing process, turning rough drafts into polished gems.

Success in Interviews

Prepare for various admissions interviews.

  • University Admissions: Shine in university admissions interviews.
  • Job Interviews: Be well-prepared for future job interviews.
  • Summer Programs: Nail interviews for competitive summer programs.

Finding Your Ideal College Match

We assist you in discovering the perfect fit academically and socially

  • University & College Matching: Identify institutions where you’ll thrive.
  • Application Strategies: Reach schools that might have seemed out of reach.
  • Application Development: Personalized feedback to ensure you stand out.

Work with the Best College Counselors in Dubai

Caroline & Jose provides Ivy Central students with unparalleled admissions college counseling services in Dubai with our unrivaled expertise and experience. Our extraordinary results over the years have ensured that our students get accepted to the Top Tier universities in the United States and United Kingdom.

Caroline & Jose spend an incredible amount of time getting to know the student and guiding them throughout, which enables better matching based on a wealth of measures, including ambition, interests, personality, preferred learning style, class size, and type of college community. We set no time limits and guide each student as per their needs and requirements. We work with students at all levels of achievement and support their growth in many ways.

Every student opting for the Ivy Central Premier Program benefits from their 1-on-1 expertise. They work together to determine the best-individualized course of action for every student.

Caroline & Jose will also work closely with you regarding the application essays, offering comprehensive application-essay guidance, support, and editing, thereby ensuring the outstanding nature of the application. The essays can make or break any application and form an essential element of the application process. Our program helps students become outstanding writers; this is done through brainstorming and individualized discussions about every essay the student drafts.

Besides the areas mentioned above, they will also work towards strategically using the common app components, a well-designed application, and our trade secrets to get the best possible chance for you to get successful placements.

Caroline & Jose’s success rate over the years has been outstanding at schools all over the world, including schools in India such as TISB, Indus, The British School, Doon, Mallya Aditi, Dhirubhai Ambani International, Oakridge International, National Public, and many others such as Trinity (US), Horace Mann (US), Stanford OHS (US), Harker (US), Foxcroft (US), Madeira (US), Bishop Vesey (UK), Sutton Girls (UK), Eton College (UK), United World College (Singapore) and many more.

We know how to help each student gain the best scholarships possible by wrapping the entire application around a unique theme for each student so that they not only stand out from the crowd but stand out in the best possible ways. Our students regularly receive between 50-100% merit-based scholarships. We have helped gain over 44 Million USD over the last ten years in merit-based scholarships for our families.

We work with all our students to help them to plan their summers and their entire year efficiently. We help develop outstanding projects that will eventually make them exceptional differentiated candidates. We get our students into some of the most competitive summer programs: RSISSPBU-RISERMPSUMACYYGS, etc.

And Finally, We spend a tremendous amount of time preparing the students for their university interviews and guiding them on SATs, APs, IBs, and other curriculum decisions.

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