Writing a ‘Letter of Continued Interest’

Writing a 'Letter of Continued Interest'

Congratulations on making it to some of the best programs in the US! We are sure most of you would have heard back from some of the colleges you have applied to. Given the record-breaking applications to highly competitive colleges in the US, this year has been an unpredictable one for most. The admissions landscape has seen an exponential rise in deferrals and waitlists instead of likely acceptances for even some of the most amazing candidates.

A quick note on Deferrals and Waitlists:

  • You are deferred in the Early Round when the Admissions Team is unable to give a straightforward YES or NO and would like to reconsider you in the Regular Round.

  • You are waitlisted in the Regular Round when the university wants to take you in if a spot opens up. Read more here: https://www.hamilton.edu/admission/waiting-list-explained

 If you have been either deferred or waitlisted, you can ask the college to give you a ‘second chance’ by writing them a ‘Letter of Continued Interest’ (LOCI). This is not to say that they would definitely reconsider your application, but this gesture is likely to demonstrate your (genuine) interest in attending this college and help you get off the ever-anticipated deferral list/waitlist. It will help the colleges view you as someone who is driven and motivated to keep working beyond the college application season, but also as a student who really sees himself/herself as being part of this university.

When should you write a LOCI:

  1. Deferred from a college you really want to attend

  2. Waitlisted from a college you really want to attend 

Things to mention in your LOCI:

1. Talk about why the program continues to be your first choice

Be specific about offerings that are in sync with your own interests and passions; something you are likely to have done for your supplemental essays already. Do keep in mind to not repeat any of the points you have mentioned earlier in your application. In case you have connected with an alumnus or seniors at the university, feel free to make a mention of this since it shows that you really want to know more about this college and would consider being part of this community.

2. What you have worked on since you applied, to date which demonstrates your passion for interdisciplinary learning

For instance, you have completed writing and publishing a book or finished that research paper and just found out that you won a prestigious competition or received a patent for a finished product – your LOCI is the opportunity to flaunt your progress and growth.

3. Any concepts you learned recently that you are excited about exploring through unique college offerings

If you have been delving into a project that is being worked on by student and faculty researchers of the University you’ve been deferred or waitlisted from, please make a mention of it in your LOCI. Is there a professor you would like to work with and why?

How long should your LOCI be:

The key is to really connect the college/university to yourself and talk about why you are a great fit for them. There is no specific word limit to do this, but it would help to restrict your LOCI to about one or two pages since the Admissions Team is unlikely to have much time to go through it given the workload.

We hope you find this helpful at this crucial time. We wish you the best and hope many more WINS come your way!

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