Top Summer Programmes: Brown Pre-College Programs

Brown University offers a wide variety of summer programs for high school students. The programs provide an opportunity to explore academic interests, develop skills, and experience Ivy League campus life. The first program was established in 1986. Earlier the programs were focused on pre-college courses in academic subjects such as science, writing, and mathematics. However, in recent years, the university has expanded its programs to include leadership and entrepreneurship programs and programs focused on the arts. Most of the Brown Pre-College Program courses are not for credit. Participants have the opportunity to participate in social and educational activities virtually and on campus. Students who successfully complete in-person courses that are longer than two weeks or longer and online courses that are three weeks or longer in length receive a Course Performance Report (CPR).

Here are some of the programs that are available at Brown University:


Summer@Brown was established in 2000 and it has since grown to become one of the most extensive pre-college programs in the country. The program offers courses in a wide range of academic subjects and residential life experiences that allow students to experience college life. The students can choose from 300 non-credit courses. The immense amount of options reflects Brown University’s Open Curriculum. During the program students participate in workshops, activities, and events. The students acquire knowledge of college-level academics just for the sheer pleasure of learning.

Summer@Brown Online

Summer@Brown Online participants are able to experience Ivy League education from the comfort of their homes. The students can choose from more than 80 rigorous college-level courses. The classes are taught by innovative instructors. The students also get the opportunity to engage with other like-minded students through informative activities and workshops.

All students who successfully complete their online course receive a Certificate of Completion. Students who successfully complete a 3-week or longer online course receive a Course Performance Report.

The students enrolled for Summer@Brown and Summer@Brown Online can choose courses from the following subject areas:

Biological and the Natural Sciences
Business, Economics, and Legal Studies
Engineering and Technology
Language in Context: English
Literature, Writing, and Communications
Medical and Health Studies
Physical Sciences and Math
Political Science, Philosophy, and History
Psychology and Social Sciences
Visual, Creative and Performing Arts

Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL)

Brown University Summer Programs for High School Students

The Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL): Alaska

The program develops leaders who are passionate about ecology and environmental studies. Students from grades 10 to 12 are eligible for this program. During the 2-week program, the students learn about the culture and ecological history.

Participants get the opportunity to visit the Anchorage Museum, Alaska Native Heritage Center, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Cook Inlet Tribal Center, Matanuska Glacier, and the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies’ Peterson Bay Field Station. The students explore Alaska Native history and cultural preservation as well as arctic, marine, and terrestrial ecosystems. The most interesting part of the trip is that the students will not have complete access to their cell phones. They will be given their phones only for a specific part of their trip. The students will sleep on bunk beds. When the students are at the Peterson Bay Field Station, they will sleep in a yurt without running water or electricity. Each day would include field observations, classroom discussions, leadership workshops, and time for team-building and reflection.

The students investigate climate change’s impact on culture, economics, and the environment while learning about socially responsible leadership. At the end of the program, students develop leadership skills and they apply those skills to a pressing issue. The students receive a Course Performance Report and a Certificate of Completion.

The Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL): Eastern Sierras

The Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL) Program | Eastern Sierras

The Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL): Eastern Sierras is a 10-day course that focuses on geology and helps students examine the impact of humans on ecosystems. During the course, students visit Mono Lake, the bristlecone pine forest, and Tuolumne Meadows to learn about field methodology for data collection. Many of the indoor and outdoor labs and lessons will take place at the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory (SNARL). The coursework includes lab work, field observations, classroom discussions, leadership workshops, and team-building. At the end of the program, students develop leadership skills and they apply those skills to a pressing issue. The students receive a Course Performance Report and a Certificate of Completion.

Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL): Rhode Island

Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL) Program | Rhode Island

Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL): Rhode Island is a comprehensive 2-week program. This program is based on the Brown University campus with site visits throughout Rhode Island. The students will understand the impact of climate change and focus on environmental justice literacy and environmental advocacy. The students will learn about the history of the land from members of the Narragansett Tribe and journey around the state to explore some of the ecosystems or communities discussed in the classroom. At the end of the program, students develop leadership skills and they apply those skills to a pressing issue. The students receive a Course Performance Report and a Certificate of Completion.

Brown Experiential Education (BEE)

Brown Experiential Education (BEE) programs are a unique experience for students from grades 10 to grade 12. The students discover new places from different perspectives. The program’s interdisciplinary approach helps prepare the students for the increasingly complex challenges of the 21st century. At the end of the program, students receive a Certificate of Completion and a Course Performance Report.

Brown Experiential Education (BEE): Rome

Brown Experiential Education (BEE) Rome program gives the students an opportunity to explore Italian history and culture. Over the period of two weeks, the students participate in two courses Immersive Italian and Making of an Eternal City. The residential center for the program is the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (the Centro).

The students will visit the following sites during the program:

Forum of Augustus light show
San Clemente
Domus Romane
EUR Neighborhood
Saint Peter Basilica
Palatine’s Hill
Beach Day at Ostia
Rome’s Fountains
Isola Sacra
Livia’s Columbarium

Brown Experiential Education (BEE): Segovia

Brown Experiential Education (BEE) Segovia immersive program gives students in grades 10 and grade 12 to explore Spanish culture. UNESCO’s world heritage city was once ruled by Romans, Moors, and Christians, Segovia’s architecture and layout illustrate how different cultural communities coexisted throughout history. The students take Making Sense of the World, Spanish Language, and Spanish Life and Culture courses. These courses are offered in partnership with IE University.

The students will visit the following places during the program:

Royal Site of San Lorenzo De El Escorial

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is for students who are passionate about topics like social entrepreneurship, racial justice, law and social movements, and gender equity. The accepted grade 10 to grade 12 students can take the course on-campus for 2-weeks or online for 4 weeks. The students will discuss solutions as a team and in the process they will hone their listening, public speaking, and problem-solving skills.

The students focus on current issues. Some of the past courses were based on the following topics:

Women and Leadership
More than a Game: Leadership and Social Change in Sports
Leadership, Law, and Social Movements
Leadership and Intercultural Communication
Leadership in Changing Business: Social Entrepreneurship
Leadership and Global Health

STEM for Rising 9th and 10th Graders

STEM for Rising 9th and 10th graders is an immersive program for students who are passionate about STEM. The students get the opportunity to participate in hands-on team research projects, experiments, and design-build challenges. The course includes rigorous academic content and the students create a project under the guidance of instructors. At the end of the program, students give their final presentations and they receive a Course Performance Report and Certificate of Completion.


Pre-Baccalaureate Program for rising, and recently graduated, high school seniors is a rigorous 7-week online program. The students get college credit for Brown undergraduate summer courses. The students get the opportunity to take the same courses that are applicable to first and second-year Brown undergraduates. Some of the subject areas covered by these courses are mathematics, social sciences, the humanities, and the visual and performing arts. Summer courses are very rigorous and they are equivalent to semester-long courses. Students can enroll in one or two online courses. Small classes enhance the collaboration between faculty and students. The students can expect to devote 25 hours every week for each course. This program gives students the Ivy League experience through academics, workshops, events, and extracurricular activities.


All students apply to Brown Pre-College or Pre-Baccalaureate programs. The students are expected to indicate their preferred program while completing the application. The admissions to these programs are highly selective. The admissions officers are looking for academically exceptional students who provide well-written application essays that highlight their intellectual curiosity, social maturity, and self-motivation. The admissions are done on a rolling basis. Admittance to the program does not guarantee registration in a specific course. The students are recommended to enroll in an open course.

Application Components:

High School Transcripts: The students should submit a copy of their unofficial high school transcripts.

Recommendation Letter: You should provide the name and email address of an educator or a counselor. You need to submit the information according to the requirements of the program you are applying to.

Summer@Brown program applicants should submit if they will be under the age of 15 as of June 18, 2023. or Rising 9th and 10th Graders program and will be under the age of 14 as of June 18, 2023

Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL) program applicants are required to submit a recommendation letter.

Brown Experiential Education (BEE) program applicants are required to submit a recommendation letter.

All Pre-Baccalaureate Program applications are required to submit a recommendation letter.

Essay: You will be required to submit a 250–500 word essay responding to one of the following prompts:
Describe an experience, accomplishment, or challenge that made you grow as a student. In what ways do you hope to continue your educational and personal growth at Brown Pre-College?
Our students come from a number of unique backgrounds and communities. Tell us something about your identity or background that has motivated or shaped your educational journey. In what ways do you hope to continue that journey at Brown Pre-College?

Supplementary Essay (Optional): You should use the supplementary essay section if you need to provide any additional information about yourself. This could include any extracurricular activities, family circumstances, or an explanation for inconsistent grades.

Cost of Attendance


Summer@Brown 1-week Residential Program $3,265
Summer@Brown 2-week Residential Program $4,987
Summer@Brown 3-week Residential Program $7,038
Summer@Brown 4-week Residential Program $8,011
Summer@Brown 5-week Residential Program $9,459
Summer@Brown 1-week Commuter Program $2,707
Summer@Brown 2-week Commuter Program $3,871
Summer@Brown 3-week Commuter Program $5,364
Summer@Brown 4-week Commuter Program $5,779
Summer@Brown 5-week Commuter Program $7,785

Summer@Brown Online

Summer@Brown Online 2-week Program $3.028
Summer@Brown Online 3-week Program $4,198
Summer@Brown Online 4-week Program $5,003
Summer@Brown Online 6-week Program $5,877

Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL)

BELL Alaska 2-week Program $6,28
BELL Eastern Sierras 10 Days Program $5,190
BELL Rhode Island 2-week Program $5,444

Brown Experiential Education (BEE)

BEE Rome 2-week Program $7,176
BEE Segovia 2-week Program $7,716

Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute 2-week Residential Program $5,218
Leadership Institute 4-week Online Program $5,313

STEM for Rising 9th and 10th Graders

Residential 2-week Program $5,218


2 Courses,7-Week Online Program $9,618
1 Course, 7-Week Online Program $4,882

In conclusion, the Brown Summer Pre-College Programs offer an excellent opportunity for high school students to gain valuable academic and personal experiences. These programs provide students with access to experienced faculty, challenging coursework, and a supportive community of like-minded peers. Participants have the opportunity to explore their academic interests and develop their skills. The students get a glimpse of being a part of Brown University and the opportunity to experience the vibrant city of Providence, Rhode Island. Overall, the Brown Summer Pre-College Programs are a fantastic way for motivated high school students to enrich their education and broaden their horizons.

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