Student Life at Harvard

Harvard – your gateway to success. A university with 3500 courses, eminent professors, and unrivaled resources promises to be a place with limitless possibilities. Nestled in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard has consistently attracted the world’s brightest minds. Walking through the campus, you cannot help but feel a sense of deep reverence for the scholars who have made indelible contributions in the fields of science, business, and the humanities. The university is famous for having a vibrant student life, which contributes to enduring friendships that extend beyond the college years. With a diverse body, the university strives to create an equitable and inclusive environment. 

The university expects its applicants to have thoroughly researched the opportunities, apart from academics, that the university offers. The university expects students to make a positive difference in society through their research, scholarship, and community involvement.


Since the beginning, athletics has been a binding force across Harvard’s community. The Harvard-Yale Football Game is one of the oldest rivalries in college football. This is a major event for both universities that draws thousands of students, alumni, and fans. Harvard fields 42 varsity teams, the most in the NCAA Division I. Harvard Athletics plays a significant role in campus life, offering a diverse array of opportunities for participation, competition, and support. The Harvard athletics program is an integral part of the collegiate experience, enabling their students to participate actively or encourage their friends during inter-university events with an array of options that cut across different levels, including social games, among others. Varsity sports clubs, etc.

Harvard’s athletic programs include not only regular sports but also less formal ones; thus, students have an opportunity to compete not so professionally and seriously in various individual and team games. For example, there is an ultimate frisbee, rugby, or sailing club. Casual athletes may join intramural leagues, which offer some recreational activities or organized matches between groups within one organization (among learners, instructors, and workers). The Harvard Recreation Department offers fitness classes, personal training, and open recreation times for activities like swimming, squash, and yoga, promoting overall health and well-being among students. Home – Club Sports Office | Harvard College

Art and Culture

Harvard University celebrates the arts, presenting several options for students, teachers, and tourists to become involved. The Harvard Public Art Tour is a great way to discover the Allston campus, which is decorated with a variety of publicly displayed artworks. It offers an in-depth analysis of the pieces created as well as the creators thereof, thereby enhancing visitors’ ability to move around the university compound. Harvard Box Office has consistently been the most popular resource where you can always buy tickets for any kind of spoken word, including concerts, among others.

The Harvard box office is a place where they keep all the information on events that will take place on campus, be it music or drama festivals. In an active theater community like Harvard’s, there are such productions as those put on by the American Repertory Theater, the Harvard Radcliffe Dramatic Club, and many student and faculty groups. It embraces performances ranging from classical pieces to contemporary works and original student productions. Likewise, at Harvard, there are frequent shows by the likes of the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra and many other bands like the Glee Club and others. Besides that, there are performances by different visiting artists who come to display their talent at this university. Performances by various dance troupes specializing in styles ranging from ballet to modern choreography, including the Harvard Dance Project, are available for dance enthusiasts. Arts & Culture | Harvard in the Community

Community Impact

There are many ways that Harvard students contribute to the betterment of the community. These programs are a result of the interactions and collaboration between the university and its neighbors. The Harvard community, through its nearly 180 projects, has contributed to providing affordable housing, education, and sustainability. Working with school students and guiding the local youth to envision a successful future. The Harvard University Allston-Brighton Emergency Response Grant awarded funding to 27 nonprofits, supporting them around the need for food delivery, equipment purchases, technology, and educational programs for families and residents. Notably, Harvard is the 4th largest non-profit employer in Massachusetts. Public Service and Nonprofits | Harvard in the Community

Universities like to see students take advantage of the college facilities that are being provided. As an applicant, it is also important to thoroughly research each college to identify what and how you may want to get involved. Writing about activities that you best identify with, enables you to showcase your passion to the admission officers.

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