Pioneer Research Program for High School Students

Pioneer Academics, a public benefit corporation, has established itself as the premier and only college-accredited online research program tailored for high school students. It has earned the distinction of awarding maximum college credits unparalleled to any undergraduate-level research course. It was in 2016 when Pioneer Academy and Oberlin College’s collaboration crystallized in the accreditation of the online research program. This accreditation is part of the entire program and does not warrant additional fees or classes to receive the credit. Furthermore, Oberlin’s multidisciplinary Education Plans and Policies Committee (EPPC) annually reviews the research program, which has found that the quality of research produced in the program surpasses undergraduate research expectations.

The Pioneer Academy, through this research program, has produced a global research skill curriculum that includes mentorship assessment, evaluation of practical training or learning experience, and evaluation that adds to the quality of research and fosters the growth of a scholarly community of high school students.

The Research Areas:

Students can choose a topic from any of these research areas. 

Anthropology Film Studies
Architecture Gender Studies
Art History History
Astronomy Int’l Relations
Biology Literature
Business Mathematics
Chemistry Media Studies
Comp. Sci. Music/Music Theory
Criminology Neuroscience
Culture Studies Philosophy
Ecology Physics
Economics Political Science
Education Psychology
Engineering STS (Science,
Envir. Studies  

Spreading global footprints:

Since its inception in 2013, Pioneer Academy has received 17,391 applications from 86 countries and has provided $5.95 million in need-based scholarships over the past 5 years. With a robust global alumni network, this program is a powerhouse resource for ambitious high school students. The student network continues to support each other, keeping the spirit of collaboration alive. All Pioneer students have pursued studies at the best colleges and universities.

Accessing Pioneer resources:

Undergraduate Library Resources: Pioneer gives its students access to a vast resource of undergraduate digital libraries, including academic journals, academic databases, digital music and art libraries, and over 100,000 e-books.
Institutional Review Board (IRB): Pioneer enables our scholars who conduct human subject research to request an IRB waiver, allowing for its approval through Oberlin’s IRB.
Research Methodology Seminars: Pioneer’s interactive seminars on research methodologies prepare them to conduct original research.

Cohort Advisors: Pioneer scholars work with cohort advisors while working with professor mentors. all of whom are academic experts. Advisors answer questions and support students to achieve their best, providing a secondary level of mentorship.

The Writing Center: The writing center helps students improve their writing and argumentation. This is one of the favorite learning experiences that the students talk about.

The following items are required to submit your application:

  • Basic Info
  • Interest Areas
  • Short Essays
  • The Long Essay
  • Unofficial transcript (or evidence that demonstrates your school grades, such as a screenshot of your scorecard)

*If you have standardized test results, you may submit them, though this is optional.

Pioneer’s application process has multiple evaluation stages that include an interview if the student is shortlisted. The interview takes place on Zoom, followed by a proctored timed writing task. Due to its rigorous selection process, the decision may take 6–8 weeks.

The Pioneer Research Program is a transformational experience for students wanting to push their boundaries. As a learner, this program provides a rigorous academic approach that ignites the passion for creative thinking and problem-solving. Since the credits are readily transferable to any college, this is not just a summer camp or another summer program. 

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