Best Pre-College Industrial Design Summer Programs

Industrial design is the process of designing products that are not only visually appealing but also functional, user-friendly, and easy to manufacture. Industrial designers use a combination of art, science, and engineering to create products that meet the needs of users while also meeting the requirements of manufacturers and marketers. They also create products that are ergonomic, safe, and efficient. Designers take into account the needs and preferences of the users, the materials, and the manufacturing methods available. They must also consider how the product will fit into the larger context of the market.

Industrial Design Pre-college courses specifically focus on all product design aspects. The process of industrial design typically involves research, sketching, prototyping, and testing. High school students can experience this process by pursuing these courses during the summer. These courses can give students hands-on experience with design software, materials, and prototyping tools. Students can pursue any of these courses:

ArtCenter College of Design Pre-College Summer Program: Industrial Design Product/Tran:

This program is open to high school students interested in industrial design. In this four-week intensive online program, the students dive into the world of industrial design and immerse in every aspect of the design process, including sketching, model making, and critique sessions. The interdisciplinary activities simulate working in a design consultancy. The student’s presentation skills are also emphasized. The participants get the opportunity to interact with guest designers who give insider knowledge on a variety of industrial design career paths. The portfolio-worthy final projects are shown in a gallery setting at the end of the program to visiting ArtCenter faculty, working professionals, family, and friends.

Registration: The students can register online for the prospective courses.

Cost of Attendance: $1,800

Georgia Tech Pre-College Design Program: Industrial Design: This program is hosted by the College of Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The program provides participants the opportunity to engage with world-class faculty and current students. The program gives high-school (rising juniors and seniors) students an insight into what it is like to study at one of the Schools in the College of Design. Students explore the possibilities of this exciting career during the in-person camp. Students enjoy drawing and modeling to test design ideas, along with learning about local industrial design firms on their way to making their very own consumer products.

Application Requirements:

Complete online application

Submit the parent release form
Essay: An essay of 250-500 words describing your background or interest in industrial design, architecture, and building construction.
Cost of Attendance: $2,500

Pratt Institute Pre-College Industrial Design Program:

The immersive college-level four-week program is for rising juniors or seniors. This program is designed for high school students interested in industrial design. Students learn about design thinking, sketching, and prototyping. They also work on design projects and receive feedback on their work. This concentration course examines how embracing today’s social, physical, and ecological needs presents opportunities for creative design. Through drawing and model making, students explore, challenge, and redefine the forms and objects with which we live.

Application Requirements:
A personal statement
$50 non-refundable deposit
International students:
Photograph of a valid passport
Proof of English language proficiency
Scholarship applicants:
Recommendation requests
2 samples of work
Household financial information [optional]
Letter of hardship [optional]

Cost of Attendance: $7,404

Rhode Island School of Design Pre-College Industrial Design Program:

RISD Pre-College 5-week program offers students the chance to experience life as a RISD undergrad. The students follow a college-level curriculum with day-long studio classes, critiques, and projects. The participants live like RISD students, access renowned resources and instructors, strengthen their portfolios and forever change the way they approach art and design. Students will learn about design thinking, sketching, and model-making techniques and work on their design projects.

As a part of this program, the students have to take three foundational courses:
Drawing Foundations
Design Foundations
Critical Studies in Art
The students build on their foundation courses by choosing a major they are passionate about. The choice of major is allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. Industrial design is one of the majors for this Pre-College program.

Eligibility: This highly selective program is for rising juniors and seniors. They should be between 16 to 18 years old. Each year more than 550 students from all over the world participate in RISD Pre-College.

Application Requirements:
Complete the online application
A 200-250 word response to each of the following questions:
Students attend RISD Pre-College for a wide variety of reasons, but all share a common passion for art and design. What artistic and academic goals do you hope to achieve by completing RISD Pre-College?
RISD Pre-College is a rigorous academic experience and has high expectations of students. Describe a time when you had to be self-motivated to work through and complete a project or task. What are the personal skills that helped you? What personal skills would you like to improve at RISD Pre-College?
At RISD we value diverse perspectives and life experience. Explain how you will engage in an inclusive community.
RISD Pre-College is open to students of all backgrounds and skills—from beginner to advanced. Please describe in more detail your experience and motivation with art-making, any formal or informal studio learning you have experienced, as well as the ways you have kept yourself engaged in learning new skills.
Cost of Attendance:
Residential program: $10,700
Commuter program: $8,100

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute: Product Design:

This course is designed for students from grades 8 to grade 11. The course focuses on the world of product design and development. After performing industry analysis and identifying product market strategies, participants collaborate in groups to design a product in a sector of their choice. Students explore and implement core concepts in product design, including Porter’s five forces, competitive strategy, and customer needs. Assignments include reading and discussing different company case studies and identifying the successes and failures of these companies. Students implement their knowledge to a final group product design project.

Application Requirements:
High School transcripts
Work Sample: The applicants should submit a graded school assignment.
Video Essay is optional but highly recommended.
Cost of Attendance: $3,050

Industrial design is an important component of product development. It helps to ensure that products are functional, safe, efficient, and visually appealing. The ultimate goal of the created product should lead to a better user experience and greater success in the marketplace.

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