Hamilton College

Hamilton College is a private liberal arts college located in Clinton, New York. It was founded in 1793 as the Hamilton-Oneida Academy and has since become known for its strong commitment to academic excellence and intellectual curiosity. The college’s diverse community of faculty and students creates a vibrant and dynamic learning community that encourages students to explore their interests and pursue their passions. Students have the choice to major in the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences. Hamilton College provides resources and support to help students achieve their academic goals.

Hamilton College offers a well-rounded education that balances academic rigor with a vibrant and active campus life. Hamilton College is known for its renowned academic and athletic programs.

The college is a member of the NCAA Division III and competes in the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC). Hamilton fields 29 varsity teams, with athletes competing in sports such as soccer, basketball, cross country, swimming, and track and field. The college also has a strong tradition of supporting club sports, intramurals, and recreational activities.

Hamilton College has a long-standing tradition of producing leaders and innovators in a variety of fields. Hamilton College continues to be a top choice for students seeking a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in the 21st century. Its commitment to excellence in both academics and athletics has made it a highly respected institution, attracting students from all over the world.


Hamilton College has a beautiful campus that spans over 1,350 acres. The campus is known as College Hill. The college is positioned atop a hill that provides scenic views of the charming village of Clinton, New York. The college is located approximately eight miles southwest of Utica, a 45-minute drive east of Syracuse, and 90 minutes west of Albany. It is conveniently situated just an hour away from the Adirondack Park to the northeast.

Student Cohort Size

Hamilton College has an undergraduate population of 2000 students. 54% of students are women and 46% of students are men. The diverse group of students represent 47 states and 51 countries. Hamilton College has 7% international students.

Four-Year Completion Rate

The graduation rate is among the most important factors when selecting a college. Hamilton College’s first-year retention rate is 93%. This means that 93% of first-year students continue their education for their sophomore year and beyond. The 4-year graduation rate is 87%. This implies that 87% of students were able to graduate after 4 years. The 6-year graduation rate is 94%. This implies that 94% of students were able to graduate after 6 years. The extra semesters or years you take to graduate increases the cost of your degree.

Student-to-Faculty Ratio

The student-to-faculty ratio is 9:1. 23% of all classes have 9 or fewer students and 74% classes have 19 or fewer students. The students get the advantage of interacting with accomplished scholars. The students also get the experience of participating in several articles, research papers and exhibits with faculty members.


Acceptance Rate

Hamilton College is a highly selective college with an 11.8% acceptance rate. There are 9,899 aspiring applications and only 1,167 students were admitted.

Acceptance GPA

The average high school GPA of admitted students at Hamilton College is 4.0. 86% of the accepted students ranked in the top 10% of their high school class.

Types of Admission

The students can apply through the Early Decision and Regular Decision cycle. Early Decision I and Early Decision II is an opportunity for students to show that Hamilton College is their number one choice. Early Decision is a binding process, implying that the students should attend Hamilton College if accepted. The acceptance rate for Early Decisions was 41%. In 2022, Hamilton College admitted 267 of the 651 students who applied early decision.

The students also have the option to apply through the Regular Decision process. Regular Decision may be right for you if you need more time to get your application ready. Many more students apply for Regular Decision than Early Decision.

Application Components:

Complete the Common Application
High School Transcript: The high school transcript should include the mid-term grades from the senior year.
Standardized Test Scores: Hamilton College is test optional. The accepted students had an SAT score of more than 1440 and an ACT score of more than 33. 48.9% of students did not submit their scores.
Essay: While the primary criteria for admission are academic achievement, intellectual promise, and community engagement, Hamilton also seeks to admit candidates who are a good fit with the programs and experiences offered by the College. Please take this opportunity (in 100-250 words) to tell us about your interest in Hamilton and, in particular, why you believe it is a place where you can thrive. Be open. Be honest. Be brief.


Hamilton College is one of the few U.S. Colleges with an open curriculum. With an open curriculum, the students get the freedom to pursue their passion and choose their courses based on their interests. Some courses are a requirement, and the students need to take these courses to graduate. The students are required to take three writing-intensive courses. The students also have to complete one or more courses in at least one of these categories: statistical analysis, mathematical representation, and logic and symbolic reasoning.

Areas of Study: Hamilton offers 45 majors and 58 areas of study. Some of the most popular majors at Hamilton College include:

Political Science and Government
Research and Experimental Psychology
International Relations
Neuroscience and Neurobiology
Creative Writing

Dual Degrees Options: 3-2 or 2-1-1-1 Programs: Hamilton College students can choose from several dual degree options. As a part of this program students can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamilton and a Bachelor of Science degree from an engineering school in five years.

3-2 Programs: Students spend three years at Hamilton and two years at an engineering school. The programs are offered in collaboration with Columbia University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Washington University in St. Louis.

2-1-1-1 Plan: Hamilton also has an agreement with the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, which offers a 2-1-1-1 plan. Students who opt for this program spend their first two and fourth years at Hamilton, and their third and fifth years at Dartmouth.

Student Research: The students of Hamilton College get the opportunity to collaborate with professors on original research. The student’s papers are published in peer-reviewed journals or in presentations at national conferences.

Global Learning: Many students at Hamilton College have the opportunity to study globally. The students participate in language programs in China, France, or Spain. They also get a chance to do internships and field research in New York, Washington D.C., and at the New England Center for Children in Boston.

Student Life

Clubs & Organizations

Hamilton College students get involved in many co-curricular activities. They collaborate and share their interests with others. The students can choose from more than 200 community service, cultural, musical, athletic, political, social, recreational, and religious groups. Some of the clubs are:

Alpine Ski Team
Bowling Club
Dance Team
Fencing Club
The Spectator

College Campus Activities Board: The College Campus Activities Board is a student-led organization. The organization consists of many leadership positions. They are responsible for bringing good quality programs to the campus including concerts, comedians, and other special events to the Hill.

Club Sports: Hamilton students also participate in club-level sports. Some club programs have coaches and they compete in leagues with varsity programs. Some of the club sports options are:
Club Curling
Club Figure Skating
Club Water Polo
Running Club
Sailing Team

Intramural Sports: Intramural sports are strictly on-campus and recreational. The program is conducted under the supervision of the Physical Education Department. Some of the leagues include:
Flag Football
Ice Hockey

Cost of Attendance

Tuition $65,090
Housing $9,120
Food $7,570
Student Activity Fee $650
Total Comprehensive Fee $82,430

Fun Fact

Feb Fest: Feb Fest heats up campus during the cold of winter. Events have included snow sculpture contests, chocolate tastings, snoccer (snow soccer), chili cook-offs, concerts, the crowning of Mr. Hamilton, and more.

Bronze Map: Watch your step! Tradition has it that students who walk across the bronze map in the center of campus will not graduate.

In Conclusion, Hamilton College is a highly respected liberal arts college that offers students a comprehensive and rigorous education. The college has a strong commitment to academic excellence. Hamilton College provides its students with a challenging and intellectually stimulating environment that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and independence.

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