Student Life at Brown University

An integral part of college life is not only to enhance knowledge but also to thrive in an atmosphere where the collective ethos of the community unites students, faculty, and staff. Here, shared experiences juxtaposed with academic excellence and social and community engagements create a long-lasting bond among students. Students at Brown University pride themselves on being “curious” and “engaged.” They follow a culture of active engagement outside the classroom and laboratories.

As a student, if you are embarking on your academic journey at any of the Ivy League colleges, it is imperative to look at the academic prowess of the colleges, your aspirations, and the desired cultural experience. The uniqueness of students’ experiences at each college sets them apart from their counterparts. 

Athletics and Recreation:

Being one of the eight Ivy League colleges, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Brown prioritizes a balance between academics and athletics, and participation in sports is tied to a sense of school identity. Nearly 1,111 athletes participate in at least one sport at the school, 529 men and 582 women. Here, student-athletes compete for Ivy League championships and national titles. Every year, the opening football match between Brown and Harvard always sees a huge turnout of students. So even if you are not an athlete, attending these sporting events bolsters a sense of community. The sporting activities for men and women, include Baseball, Basketball, Crew, Cross Country, Football, Ice hockey, Lacrosse, Sailing, Soccer,  Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Track and Field, and Water Polo.

Nearly 4100 students participate in Brown’s 25 intramural sports offerings. Making the fitness of students a priority, Brown has more than 60 physical education courses per week. From aerobics and yoga to martial arts and dance, students can participate in any activity or activities of their choice. The indoor tennis court, the Meehan Auditorium for men’s ice hockey, the athletic center, the squash court, and the indoor swimming pool are all state-of-the-art facilities.

Student Organizations:

With diverse interests, students at Brown can find something from the 500+ student organizations. And if you still don’t find one that is aligned with your interests, you can create one. The Student Activity Office is your go-to place if you need to organize events, among other support requirements. “Abhinaya Brown” is a South Asian classical dance team that performs Kathak, Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, and Odissi at various cultural events. Yet another club, “Art for Service,” paints canvases and donates to non-profit organizations in Providence. You can research the clubs here: Undergraduate Student Groups | Student Activities | Brown University

Brown Outdoor Leadership Program (BOLT):

This is the only outdoor learning program in the United States that provides an opportunity for sophomores and transfer/RUE students to bond through outdoor activities. This is a great way to build new connections for students who are navigating a new and challenging atmosphere, different from the first year in college. The sophomore year is a good time for students to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and chart out a road map for their personal growth. Specific training opportunities are also offered throughout the year. The Roundtables bring guests from around the university who discuss how they use various leadership skills in their everyday experiences and Workshops are held on topics such as:

Student Leadership Awards:

are given at the end of each year to students who have played a pivotal role in their recognized organization. There are categories like Undergrad Student Leader of the Year, Graduate Student Leader of the Year, and Emerging Leadership Awards, among others. Student Leadership Awards | Student Activities | Brown University

Community-focused Centers:

Brown is committed to creating an inclusive campus community through a diverse array of centers. The common thread of interest, identity, and passion ties every student together. The Brown Center for Students of Color has students host programs that are a reflection of their experiences and explore tangible ways to bring about change. At Brown RISD Hillel, students from the Jewish community are provided with a safe platform to connect with Jewish traditions, rituals, and values. The Global Brown Center at Brown University provides a comfortable space for international students and visitors. The LGBTQQ Center at Brown University offers emotional support for Brown’s LGBTQ+ community, providing a safe space for the community. The Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender | Brown University is a center that explores multiple dimensions of gender. Chaplains and Religious Life | Brown University. Military Affiliated Students | Brown University and Home | First Generation Students – Dev | Brown University are some other communities. 

Residential Life:

The Brown co-ed residential complex comprises 49 buildings. Prioritizing the promotion of core values, these residential complexes are places of exchange of ideas, fostering personal, intellectual, social, and academic growth. Accommodation depends on the class sizes and space requirements within residential buildings. The diverse living options for students is tailored to students’ culture, causes, and interests. Program houses like Casa Machado and the Environmental House provide unique opportunities for students to immerse themselves in specific cultures or topics while living alongside peers who share similar passions. Similarly, Greek letter organizations offer another avenue for students to find housing and connect with others who are part of the same fraternity or sorority community. 

It is indeed commendable that every Brown University student is committed to serving the community. This is a huge reflection of Brown University’s value of being a responsible citizen.

Research the activities that resonate with you. This will help you make an informed decision and showcase to the admission officers what you would like to do outside of the classroom.

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