Colorado College: One of the Best Liberal Arts Education Options

Colorado College: One of the Best Liberal Arts Education Options

Colorado College is a private liberal arts college located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States. The college was founded in 1874. The college is known for its unique academic and outdoor education programs, including the Southwest Studies program, the Rocky Mountain Field Institute, and the Outdoor Education program.

Colorado College has a competitive athletic program, with 17 varsity sports teams competing in NCAA Division III. The college’s mascot is a tiger named “Goldie” and the school colors are black and gold. The college also has a strong commitment to sustainability and is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly colleges in the United States. Colorado College has recently withdrawn from US and World Report Rankings.

Student Cohort Size:

Colorado College has a current enrollment of approximately 2,425 students. This includes 6.4% of international students and 33 graduate students. The largest undergraduate major at this university is Economics, which comprises 82 students.


Acceptance Rate:

Colorado College chose from a pool of 11,026 applicants for the Class of 2026 and 553 students were admitted. More than half of the applicants chose to apply for either Early Decision (ED) or Early Action (EA). The overall admit rate went down to 11.6%. 26% of applicants were admitted during Early Decision I/II and 15% were admitted during the Early Action round. Only 3% of applicants were admitted during Regular Action. It’s worth noting that Colorado College is a highly selective liberal arts college, and the acceptance rate can vary slightly from year to year based on the strength of the applicant pool.

GPA and Testing Requirements:

Colorado College is extremely competitive. The average GPA at Colorado College is 3.89.

Colorado College has a test-optional policy. 52% of accepted applicants applied without a test score. However, there were some applicants that submitted their test scores. The median SAT score range was 1320-1470. The median ACT score range was 30-34.

It is completely your choice whether you submit the scores or not. It may be worthwhile to send your scores If you believe that your test scores accurately reflect your academic abilities and strengthen your profile as an applicant.

Types of Admissions:

Colorado College has 4 admission cycles, Early Decision (ED I/II), Early Action (EA) and Regular Action (RA). There are 2 rounds of Early Decision (ED I/II). The first ED round is in November and the second ED round is in January. Early Decision is binding. It means that the student has committed to attending that college even before getting admitted. As soon as you are admitted you are supposed to withdraw your applications from all other colleges and commit to Colorado College. On the other hand, Early Action (EA) and Regular Action are non-binding.

Student-Faculty Ratio:

The student-faculty ratio at Colorado College is 10:1. A smaller class size helps students get personalized attention and mentorship from their professors. This is an added advantage of going to a liberal arts college like Colorado College.

Four-Year Completion Rate:

When you are selecting a college you should focus on the retention and graduation rates of an institution. The first-year retention rate gives you the data on how many students come back to study for their second or sophomore year. The graduation rate, on the other hand, will provide you with data on how long it takes to complete a degree at Colorado College.

The first-year retention rate for Colorado College is 91% which is among the highest in the country. According to the latest available data from the U.S. Department of Education, the 4-year graduation rate at Colorado College is 88%.


Colorado College follows a block plan academic calendar, where students take one course at a time for three and a half weeks, allowing for intensive study and immersion in the subject matter. Colorado College has 47 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 35 majors within 16 broad fields of study. The college offers over 80 majors and minors, with a focus on the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

The 3 graduate programs at Colorado College are all on-campus. The most popular graduate school programs at Colorado College are Teaching, High School Education, and Elementary Education. 73% of its graduate students are part-time graduate students.

Cost of Attendance (2023 – 2024): 

The cost of attendance for the year 2023 – 2024 is as follows:

Tuition: $67,458
Student Activity Fee: $474
Housing: $8,628
Meal Plan: $6,600
Books and Supplies: $1,240
Misc. Allowance: $1,498
Transportation: $1,230

Total Estimated Cost: $87,128

In conclusion, Colorado College is a unique liberal arts college that offers a distinctive educational experience through its Block Plan. The college provides personalized learning, small class sizes, community engagement, and a commitment to sustainability. Colorado College prepares students to be active and informed citizens in a rapidly changing world.

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