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In the ever-evolving world of college admissions, each passing year brings its own set of transformations and trends. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has released its admissions data for the Class of 2027. This year, the application numbers for the MIT Class of 2027 plummeted. MIT received a total of 26,914 applications. MIT admissions officers observed a decrease in the number of applications from the 33,796 applications received for the Class of 2026. However, the number of applications was still higher than the 20,075 applications received for the Class of 2024. The Class of 2024 was the last class selected before MIT suspended its testing requirement for the first two years of the pandemic.

The decrease in applications to MIT this year is likely due to a number of factors, including the reinstatement of the testing requirement, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the rising cost of college. However, the fact that MIT still received more applications than any other college in the country is a testament to its continued popularity and prestige.

Of the 26,914 applicants, MIT offered admission to 1,259 students with a yield of 4.7%. The yield of 4.7% for the Class of 2027 is also in line with MIT’s historical yield. This suggests that the school is still able to attract a highly selective group of students, even in a challenging admissions landscape. This is a slight decrease from the yield of 5.0% for the Class of 2026.

MIT is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. The diversity of the Class of 2027 is also encouraging. The admitted students hail from all 50 states, 63 countries, and nearly 900 different high schools.

The middle 50% SAT scores for admitted students were 790-800 for Math and 730-780 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. The middle 50% ACT scores were 35-36 for Math, Reading, English, and Science, and 35-36 for the Composite score.

The Class of 2026 received 33,767 first-year applications and only 1,337 students were admitted for the Class of 2026 with an acceptance rate of 3.96%. The Early Action applicants, comprised of 14,781 individuals and 697 applicants received early acceptance. 9,488 applicants were deferred to the Regular Action phase. 176 deferred applicants were eventually admitted during the Regular Action phase.

In addition to academic achievement, MIT also considers a variety of factors in its admissions process, including extracurricular activities, personal essays, and letters of recommendation. MIT is looking for students who are intellectually curious, creative, and have a strong sense of purpose.

As we reflect on the changing landscape of college admissions, the data from MIT’s Class of 2027 speaks volumes about the evolving nature of higher education. The transformative journey of each applicant, combined with MIT’s commitment to excellence, has created a diverse and talented incoming class. These students will undoubtedly shape the future, driving innovation, and pushing the boundaries of knowledge at MIT. As the winds of change continue to blow, we eagerly anticipate the remarkable accomplishments and discoveries that await the Class of 2027.

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