A Comprehensive Analysis of MIT’s Class of 2028

MIT breaks records with 28,232 Applications for Class of 2028

MIT announced that for the class of 2028, they received a record-breaking application of 28,232 including Early and Regular Action. The number of students who received the offer is 1,275. This represents an overall acceptance rate of 4.5%. In the Early Application cycle, MIT received 12,563 of which only 661 students received the offer. This constitutes an acceptance rate of 5.2%. The number of students MIT deferred was 8,052. These students were reconsidered in the RA round. The Regular Action acceptance was 3.9% from 15,669 applications. Notably, despite the rise in applications, 24 fewer students were admitted than the previous year. 

When examining the table, one can glean insights into the admission statistics, providing a clearer understanding of the outcome.

MIT Admission statistics of the class of 2028

Table 1.

Admission Cycle Applications Accepted Students Acceptance Rate
Early Action




Regular Action








There has been a fluctuation in EA applications over the past few years. The class of 2025 saw the highest number of applications. Though MIT maintains that applying early does not have any strategic benefit, it is evident from the given data (Table 2)  that students have had a slightly better chance of getting admitted in the early round. As per Table 3, the number of applications soars in the Regular rounds, and since MIT only admits a specific number of students, the chances of getting admission are reduced drastically.

MIT Early Application: Year-wise representation

Table 2

Class of EA Applications EA Accepted EA Acceptance Rate












2025 15,036 719 4.7%

MIT Regular Application: Year-wise representation

Table 3

Class of RA Applications RA Accepted RA Acceptance Rate
2028 15,669 614 3.9%
2027 14,990 574 3.8%
2026 18,986 640 3.3%
2025 18,204 621 3.4%


MIT’s Rigorous Selection Process: A Holistic Approach to Admissions

In March 2022, MIT announced they would be reinstating the standardized test scores requirements. MIT’s selection methodology is highly student-centric and not region or school-centered. The applications received are reviewed in the context of the applicant pool. The screening of the applications is holistic. After the applications are read by the senior admissions officer, the shortlisted profiles are evaluated by an “additional admissions officer,” who sends their observations to the Admission Committee. Thereafter, nearly a dozen people discuss and deliberate each application before giving their decision. 

MIT Profile of class of 2028

While the university is yet to release the exact profile of the class of 2028, according to the MIT website, The Class of 2028 has students admitted from “50 States, 58 countries, and nearly a thousand different high schools.” From the data available for the class of 2027, 90% of the applicants were U.S. citizens and Permanent residents from 49 states. The international students came from 59 countries but formed only 10% of the class size. 

The incoming class of 2028 has pushed their boundaries and prepared rigorously. While grades and scores are important, MIT admits students whose passions are aligned with the institution’s philosophy.


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