World Reputation Rankings 2020

World Reputation Rankings 2020 by the Times Higher Education

The Times Higher Education have just released their rankings of the worlds universities according to their reputation. The rankings are devised by asking just over 11,000 senior academics from 132 countries to name the universities that they believe are the best for research and teaching in their subject area.

The United States is the most represented country in the ranking list with sixty colleges including Harvard, topping the list for the tenth year in a row, and seven of the top ten. The United Kingdom comes second with twenty five colleges while Germany has moved up to third place.

In total, institutions in 30 different countries are included in the top 200 universities.

The top ten are:

·      Harvard University – USA

·      Massachusetts Institute of Technology – USA

·      Stanford University – USA

·      University of Cambridge – UK

·      University of Oxford – UK

·      University of California Berkeley – USA

·      Princeton University – USA

·      Yale University – USA

·      University of California Los Angeles – USA

·      The University of Tokyo – Japan

You can read the full list here

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