Ivy Central specialize in placing students at Harvard, UPenn, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth and the Top 100 US Universities.
90% of Ivy Central students got into their top 3 college choices in 2016-17
100% of Ivy Central students got into the US Top 100 Universities.
Ivy Central class of 2016-17 won over 5.4 Million USD in merit scholarships.
Our clients are based worldwide including India, Singapore, UK and the US.

The work we do

The world of higher education has changed almost beyond recognition over the past 20 years. It has never been as hard as it is today to get into the top colleges and universities around the world. Access to the top US colleges is a challenging business, and unless you know the rules of the game, it is becoming almost impossible to win without expert support and guidance.

The Ivy Central Consulting Services will teach you the new rules of the game, help you find a list of colleges best suited to your unique personality and aspirations, support you in choosing a theme for your application, ensure you write winning application essays, and work with you throughout the college application journey to ensure success.

We work with students from all around the world. Our largest student base are based in India, the Middle East and the United States.


Our Results

Our 2017 Results

Stanford, Caltech, Yale, Yale-NUS, UPenn (M&T), Dartmouth, 4 x Columbia, 2 x Princeton, 2 x Cornell, Swarthmore, Haverford, 2 x UChicago, 3 x Rice, 2 x Wellesley, Georgetown, Northwestern, Claremont Mckenna, 6 x UC Berkeley, 5 x UC San Diego, 6 x UC Davis, 3 x UCSB, 5 x UCLA, 2 x UC Irvine, CMU, UVA, 2 x UT Austin, Emory, University of Michigan, UIUC, Georgia Institute of Technology, IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology), Barnard, Cal Poly, Santa Clara, 2 x Occidental, 2 x NYU, University of Miami, University of Pittsburgh, Purdue, Case Western Reserve, Sarah Lawrence, Ohio State, Northeastern, 2 x USC, 2 x Boston University, Rollins, Eckerd, Arizona State, 4 x Warwick, 3 x University of Central London, 2 x Kings, Durham, Bath, Manchester, Nottingham, Hong Kong UST.

Post-Graduate Acceptances:
1 x Columbia & 1 x NYU Stern

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About Caroline Linger

With over 23 years of experience in this sector, Caroline has in-depth knowledge of the US, UK, Canadian & Australian college and university systems. Understanding of the programs on offer and the unique personalities of each college and university helps her work with the families in matching the students to their ideal program, which will lead to both matriculation and successful graduation.

Caroline is one of the most prolific guidance and college placement counsellor's in the world and has placed several thousand of students into the 8 US Ivy Leagues (Harvard, UPenn, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth and Cornell) and the 20 UK Russell group (Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, LSE etc.). She has of course also placed students at Stanford, MIT, Caltech and some of the other top 100 US and UK universities. Without doubt, she is one of the leading experts in preparing students and giving them the best chance of getting into the most competitive US and UK schools. She has also worked with many undergraduate students and helped them get admitted to the most competitive MBA, MSc and MA programs around the world.

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