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Category: Study Skills

  • The Value of Research Opportunities

    The Value of Research Opportunities

    Research has evolved from being a niche activity for a select few to a transformative educational experience accessible to many. Engaging in research as a high school student can be a game-changer, offering a wealth of benefits that extend far beyond the laboratory or research project. Hands-On Learning: Research immerses students in real-world, practical learning… Read more

  • Dual Enrollment For High School Students

    Dual Enrollment For High School Students

    Are you a motivated high school junior or senior who wants to enhance your profile and take college-level courses? Then Dual enrollment might be an excellent option for you. During this program, you gain valuable knowledge and skills that prepare you for college and beyond. It’s like a booster rocket, giving you the extra push… Read more

  • What are Micro-Credentials and Short-Term Programs?

    What are Micro-Credentials and Short-Term Programs?

    In today’s rapidly evolving job market, the traditional model of pursuing a four-year degree and then working in a single career for a lifetime is no longer the norm. Higher education is adapting to this changing landscape with the rise of micro-credentials and short-term programs. These innovative learning pathways provide students with targeted, skills-focused education… Read more

  • Balancing Academics & Extracurricular

    Balancing Academics & Extracurricular

    The journey to college can be demanding and exhilarating. While your academic performance is undoubtedly a crucial factor in college admissions, your extracurricular activities can play an equally significant role. Balancing these two aspects of your life is essential for your overall growth and success. The Value of Extracurricular Activities Extracurricular activities encompass a wide… Read more

  • Math Contests

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    Students who are interested in pursuing a STEM field in college should showcase a rigorous and competitive profile by the end of high school. Math competitions can be one of the ways to show your passion in a STEM subject.  Read more

  • Tips on How to Improve Your GPA for College Admission Success!

    Tips on How to Improve Your GPA for College Admission Success!
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    I discussed Grade Point Average or GPA, how it is calculated and how it makes an important contribution to the profile you present to colleges at application time. If colleges consider your GPA to be important, then you should too. In this blog, I will show you how the key to academic success is not… Read more

  • What is a GPA & Why Is it Important When Applying for Colleges?

    What is a GPA & Why Is it Important When Applying for Colleges?

    Most people aspiring to apply to college in the US will be familiar with the acronym GPA. In this article, I will dig deeper to understand the different types of GPAs, how they are calculated, and their significance in the college application process. Read more

  • Five Top Tips for Making the Most of Grade 9


    The move to Grade 9 can feel somewhat overwhelming, but it is also the start of a new chapter in a student’s life. Many think that learning has more of a point as thoughts start to move toward what comes after school. This makes Grade 9 a critical transition point for students; it allows them… Read more

  • What do you actually study at US Colleges?

    What do you actually study at US Colleges?

    Can you imagine sitting in a college class you did not know you signed up for? In case you wish to avoid such blunders, one of the key aspects to understand when exploring colleges is the type of curriculum you would be studying right from the first day of your college journey. Remember that understanding… Read more

  • 21st Century Skills

    Over recent years a new terminology has been spreading through the worlds of education and business, 21st Century Skills. In this blog, Iā€™m going to explain where this terminology comes from, just what they are and why they are important for young people today. Read more